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Ok, I bought the 3 pack and I find this ships roll really hard to place. Its a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" ship. Low hull to be a cruiser/tank, not enough weapon and turn rate to be an effective Escort/DPS and as a science vessel it has the least hull, high turn rate, but neft hanger bay (WTH). The consoles are where its at and the fact it can use DHC. The splitting power between Aux and Weapons really doesn't work so I decided to go straight up Weapons power. First off the main weapons on the ship, both the Aux DHC and the continues BEAM OF DEATH are phaser and aux power based so that presented me with some interesting things to take into account. Here is my Current build and somethings I am still working out, FYI insane spike dmg.

Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer: Aventine Class (Tac version)
Science Captain, Puur

Fore Weapons:
Fleet Advanced Phaser DHC (CritD), Fleet Advanced Phaser DBB (Acc), Wide Quantum Launcher

Aft Weapons:
x3 Fleet Advanced Turrets (Acc)

Deflector, Shields and Engines: Borg MK XI

Engineer Console: Quantum Field Focus Controller, Assimilated Console

Science Consoles: Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module, Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver and x2 Field Generators MK XI (blue)

Tactical Consoles: x4 Phaser Relay MK XI (blue)

Hanger: Advanced Danube Runabouts (booo tractor nerf!)

Universal Lt. Cmdr.: Tac Team 1, HY2, Rapid Fire2

Universal Ensign: Emergency Power to Aux

Engineer Lt.: Engi Team 1, Revers Shield Polarity

Tactical Lt.: Spread 1, Scatter Volley 1

Science Cmdr.: Hazard 1, TTS2, Particle Burst, Gravity Well 3

Regarding somethings I've been changing out include RCS, Armor Console, Particle Generator and EPS. The Hanger has such a long CD that I find Runabouts last the longest, smaller fighters just die (considering Deltas). Also I decided to drop the Aux DHC because frankly I'm running guns hot and since I can't get other weapons that draw from Aux when ever I'm not facing my target I'm not doing any damage and if weapons get knocked offline, the Aux DHC also don't work.

I'm also trying to decide where to put APB or if I should go with APO. Switch Scatter Volley out with APB or move Rapid Fire there and use APO (turn rate and buff to all Dmg).

Now here is the icing on the cake, this thing does massive damage out the gate:
EPtoAux, Sensor Scan, Subnuc, TT1, Grav Well 3, Rapid Fire 2, HY2, Target Subsys Shields and then the PHASER BEAM OF DEATH right out the gate against the most massive ship and its gone.

EDIT: Ok, went with Universal Lt.Cmdr. Tac Team 1, HY2, APO1 and Tactical Lt. Spread 1, Rapid 1. Pure awesomeness!
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