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# 1 A New Ship
11-16-2012, 02:00 PM
INB4 Everyone says "Oh great, ANOTHER ship I'll have to spend money on and possibly NOT get!"

Ah well, at least I got your attention, or else you wouldn't be here!

Aaaaaaaaanywho. Who here remembers the TNG episode(s) "Gambit"?

In this two-parter, which happened to be a particular favorite of mine, the antagonist, Arctus Baran, employed the use of a Theta-class vessel used for excavation by him and his group of mercenaries. It would later be commandeered by Captain Picard and then impounded by Vulcan Security. The ship would then later resurface in a DS9 episode Vortex.

For those that recall, what made this particular ship special was its "Energy Sheath". This Sheath would act as a deterrent to a ship's long-range sensors. Judging from the Enterprise-D's encounters with the Theta-class ship, the sheath also prevented sensor penetration as well. It is of my opinion that this functionality could easily be created within STO and could be a cross-faction ship, not necessarily by reward only.

Suggested Specs:

Rank: Lieutenant Commander-Commander
Crew: 40-50
Weapons: 3 Fore, 2 Aft
Device Slots: 2
Bridge Stations: 2 Lt. Universal, 2 Egn. Universal
Base Turn Rate: 16 deg/sec
Impulse Modifier: .20
+10 to weapons
+5 to auxiliary
Can load cannons
Energy Encapsulator console

More than willing to hear criticisms of what I suggested!

Also, if anyone's curious, here's a memory-alpha link on the Theta-class ship:

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