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It's a pretty simple request this, specifically customization for our unique Bridge Officers. We've currently got the ones given to us as rewards through the Feature Episode Series, a second unique Borg Drone, and lately, the Romulans. That makes five:

  • Breen Tactical Bridge Officer
  • Reman Science Bridge Officer
  • Jem Hadar Tactical Bridge Officer
  • Borg Science Bridge Officer (Khitomer Accord Reward)
  • Romulan Universal Bridge Officer

None of these have any customization, and I feel I speak for everyone when I say we'd all benefit from having that customization. It doesn't have to be a whole loadout, just a couple of unique attires for each, and a little base customization. Heck, I'd settle for a selection of 'custom builds' ~ at least we'd not all be running around followed by Bridge Officers that look identical to the next persons.

The easiest (and more obvious) customization of the above is the Borg Science Officer; we've already got a Borg Engineering Officer. The same customization should apply here.

As for the other four, how about three uniforms each? x1 Starfleet (or a hybrid of Starfleet/Faction-specific if needs be; the Breen being the obvious candidate for this cause of their suits and helmet), x1 Civilian, and x1 Faction-specific Military (which you've already got for all of them). Give us six - eight custom builds (face/body) per Officer, and we'll all be much happier.

What say you?

PS: Next Unique Bridge Officer, it needs to be a Cardassian.

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The photonic Boff also isn't customizable.
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Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
The photonic Boff also isn't customizable.
I missed that one (unintentionally). However, one could argue that Photonic Bridge Officers were pre-programmed to wear a specific attire, to which has been hard-coded into their programming?

But yeah a little customization of the Photonics would be nice too (come to think of it, this would probably be the easiest to do; just copy a Human Male Science Officer and add the Hologram part to the overall mesh).

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