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HUD options:

i have multiple characters, usually i use the save / load buttons when i change something.

after Season 7 update i noticed that some of my HUD settings had changed, without me having done anything.
things like Healthbars suddenly appeared where i had never activated them.

So i pressed the LOAD button, it loaded my pre Season 7 settings just fine, but the drop downs in the HUD Options UI do not update. -> therefore if i want to change anything further it sets everything to the old settings the UI has still selected.

On one character certain things did not save properly and i had to do it all twice until it was as i wanted it again.

BOff Slots / UI:

I just bought the Steamrunner, selected the Ship, and also a Shuttle.
I noticed that my TAC BOffs were not able to get slotted directly, i have 3 TAC BOffs only one i could slot, when that one was slotted i could then select another one.

When i swap between Ships, the UI forgets the BOff slots and i have to do it all over again.

this is MAJOR! In both Ships (Armitage and Steamrunner) i have a random Science BOffs Powers (all 4) available in the Power Tray or Power Selection UI (P), and i can USE them!

That BOff is NOT even slotted in my Ship.

Something is really really wrong here.

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