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11-16-2012, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by intrepiduk View Post
How anyone can defend this personal starbase crap is beyond me.

Its all very well saying that you are guranteed the mk 12 stuff in the end. But its how you get to that stage. It is BORING and it is tedious having to grind STF's just to plough the "rewards" from them into a stupid time gate just to be "rewarded" the ability to "buy" the real reward that you wanted in the first place. And how do you buy your real reward? Either grind yet more dilithium or cough up some real cash.

It is not fun at all, it is time wasting and its too darn expensive.

My solution? Increase the drop rate for the prototypes.
Agree to all these points. Cryptic made a bet thinking "grinding for everything-Starbase, embassy, Omega, Romulan and now dilithium" would keep players coming to the game...that was a retarded decision made since all it accomplished was players leaving in mass exodus to other MMOs...who the heck wants another job to grind uselessly like a freaking robot...

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