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11-15-2012, 02:07 PM
Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Only now we don't get loot (= ECs) and Rare/Proto Salvage (=Dilithium)

On paper it looks like we're getting a similar deal but the reality is we're not.

But it's still a better deal than I was expecting.
It's definitely less. I won't dispute that. I just think they could have communicated better the differences. Because things come through less familiar channels it seems like we're not getting it at all.

About the salvage, read my previous post. Essentially, BNP = EDC, and OM = Salvage. Numbers are a little smaller now, but we're in the same ballpark for dil.

This thread is about the EC, and there's a dev post on that on the second page. It's definitely a problem now, but it might be less severe after the next patch.

Edit: Sorry, I got the threads confused. Last sentence was referring to a different thread. I updated it with a link.

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11-15-2012, 02:15 PM
I wont be trading bnp's for dilithium. 5 for 1000 is too steep for me. Better to convert marks later on as 50 = 500 dilithium.
Simple math: 5 x elite stfs for 1000 or 2 elites for 150 marks = 1500 dilithium.....
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11-16-2012, 07:44 PM
all i want to do is put this thing into dilitium and i cant find the person to convert it, and dont say in the rep tab because thats not what i want
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11-16-2012, 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by kirk1701c View Post
all i want to do is put this thing into dilitium and i cant find the person to convert it, and dont say in the rep tab because thats not what i want
What you want and what the game requires are two entirely different things. Once you start earning Borg Neural Processors, you unlock a special project under Upgrades to convert them to Dilithium at a 5:1,000 ratio. It also grants 5 Omega reputation.

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11-16-2012, 09:54 PM
Who taught you math

It'd never take you 10 runs to get a proto salvage, those are now t5 and costs 40 dilithium

All the marks plus resources, plus time, plus the dilithium to buy it vs getting 1000 dilithium per 5 rounds.

The real math looks quite different from your version...

First off, the math is 1 prototype salvage = 40 k:

If you got one per 5 runs, you'd have gotten 40 runs/5 = 8 proto x 40,000 dil in trying to earn 1 under the new system.

That's minus 320,000 dilithium + for every 5 it's +1 so

-320,000+8000= -312,000

PER weapon you plan on getting... Need 6 for your ship ? Say hello to a deficit of 1.8 MILLION dilithium lmao

And that's ONLY doing math on lost prototypes. After that you can factor in all of the other drops including purples, EDC's and so on.
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11-17-2012, 01:50 AM
I'm not sure if you're responding to my post or not, but from what I can tell of your post we're arguing two different points. I'm talking about conversions directly from salvage to dilithium (i.e. you don't need gear anymore), and you're talking about conversion of salvage to gear vs conversion of dil to gear through the new rep system.

It's obvious we won't agree.
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11-17-2012, 02:03 AM
I was replying to a guy who claimed you now earn more dil per 10 runs than before, I guess he edited his post

I don't know if it's a matter of disagreeing, the numbers speak for themselves.

What did it cost before, what does it cost now.

And like I said earning 6 weapons for your ship under the new system puts you up at close to minus 2 million dilithium...
If you disagree with the calculations we go over the numbers again but I don't think there is anything subjective about it.

What was before an in-come is now a huge grenade crater hole in the ground looney toons style because it's also sort of funny and semi unreal.
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11-17-2012, 02:14 AM
Ok cool, that's why I was confused. I was hoping I wasn't going to sound like a jerk in my reply.

I don't know why they decided to put a huge dil cost on buying new gear from the store. I think they're going to get a lot of angry people in a while when people start unlocking the mk 12 sets.

All I can say is this: man, am I glad I already have everything.
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11-17-2012, 02:25 AM
Yeah totally hahah

But I think the intention is to have the casuals (and as many others as possible) spend dilithium after the unlock.

You should have enough marks to unlock omega in 10 elite stf's. That will give you 11,000 dil.

So if they want that ground set they are 110,000 dilithium short... Or 100 stf's.

That's 3 months of 1 stf every night PLUS the 2 months it took to get there. So we still looking at half a year

I am pretty sure developers are betting a lot of people will just buy it. Since that is the case why couldn't they just sell it on it's own and leave my stf alone

I am glad I put in the work already but it's also sort of negative not to have anything to go for in the rep system.

I thought maybe the flamethrower, cutting beam and entourage, MAYBE - I will have to see the price first.
Outside that it's all meh

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