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# 1 New Fleet ships suggestions
11-16-2012, 08:07 PM
Since Brandon confirmed that they are going to be adding additional Klingon fleetships, I'm going to propose a couple variants I'd love to see to shore up our Escort mediocrity. Obviously we also need a pure Sci ship too, but I'm not a Sci pilot so I'll leave that to someone else.

Fleet Vandal:

Type: Destroyer
Shield Modifier:1.0
Weapons: 4 fore 3 aft
Bridge Officers: Cmdr (Tac), LtCmdr (Sci), Lt (Eng), Lt (Tac), Ens (Uni)
Device Slots:2
Consoles: 4 tac 2 eng 4 sci
Turn Rate:17
Impulse Mod: .21
Bonus Power:+10 weapons power, 5 Aux power


Fleet Pach Raptor:

Shield Modifier: .85
Weapons: 4 fore 3 aft
Bridge Officers: Cmdr (Tac), LtCmdr(Tac), Lt(Eng), Lt(Uni), Ens (Sci)
Device Slots:2
Consoles: 5 tac 4 eng 1 sci
Turn Rate:15
Impulse Modifier:0.20
Bonus Power:+15 weapons power

As a bonus, people will buy the Pach Raptor reskin, because it's a badass reskin and it's a crime it's wasting away on a Tier 4 ship.

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