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11-16-2012, 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
No, that doesn't necessarily follow. People always want things to be easier, and dislike things that are harder, but that doesn't mean doing what they say improves the health of the game.

Replacing big payoffs with little ones is often better for reducing churn than the opposite, as long as it feels like SOME reward is coming. It can in fact improve profits, as people who have to play longer to get the rewards often spend more money on conveniences such as consumables and minor combat improvements.
how ever they have failed in even making the changes effective. I heard of Stf being nerf in dilithium but the said there would be more ways to get it. I was fine with that but eliminating the STF reward and ONLY have it in FA wasn't it. face it, they LIED to us and don't listen to what content we want.
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11-16-2012, 10:58 PM
I agree with the OP

Also my Dil earnings from stfs has been cut over
66% , selling the Borg salvage with the mission Dil payoff
Gave me my dill quota I'n no time

That left me time to help fleetembers with problems
Answering questions helping them level up or do story
Missions with them.I had time to pvp and try out outlandish
Builds you know fun stuff.

Now I need to grind out things I don't see as fun to
Keep my character progressing

When our fleet does a STF and completes it
They say, ( That's it ? ) no loot drop

Winning a STF seems hollow now before it was
What did you get ? Everyone was excited, now it's silenc

Now it feels like a grind not like a accomplishment

If it's not fun they won't play
That's a fact Jack
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Originally Posted by admiralandy View Post
To be honest you sound like you a forum ninja who works for Cryptic and comes in to derail the 'naysayers'

Is there anything about Season 7 you don't like?

Overall there are some positives but if you don't get how Cryptics actions have infuriated players you either are working for Cryptic or don't understand people very well.

Its quite simple people feel they had more in season 6, now they have less.

One of the biggest impacts for me is the slow way of gaining fleet marks something I think needs to be redressed.
Do I work for cryptic? No. I'm a photographer and I work for myself. Are there things I don't like? Yes, I think it's very hard to get fleet marks. That being said, I understand that no MMO is ever going to to be perfect to the point where it pleases me 100% let alone an entire gaming community.

I think I understand people pretty well. I understand that people don't like and can resist change. I also understand that people don't like it when things are made a little more difficult. Additionally, I understand that people can look over positives because they can get hung up on the negatives.

People may think they have less now, but are people taking in to consideration the fact that there are new sets, new captain abilities/powers, new missions, new sector space in addition to new gameplay systems or are they just looking at the now with no consideration for the bigger picture?

I don't work for cryptic, nor do I support everything they do, but I do think they did a good job. That's my opinion. I won't tell others they're wrong. I do wish people would give it a go, though. A fair go.
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I understand where most players are coming from.
Here is how I'm interpreting it as from a game developer perspective.

Whiny little brats, they want everything spoon-fed to them. Don't they know how damn expensive it is to create new content, and voiced content at that! Nimoy's bills alone eat up more than half our budget and these stupid little ****s want more of that? Really? They should be glad we give them the paid privilege of making new missions for their fellow players. PWE breaks our backs and if we don't comply they'll shut the game down. We gotta play by their rules cause they own us and our company and assets.

You ****ing Trekkies want a game? You want STO to continue? Quit yer ******** and either pay up or leave. More will replace you.
I don't doubt for a minute that at least some of that in quotes was spoken or implied in the development mentality behind this season 7 update.

They don't respect the players, that much is obvious.

They don't respect their SUBSCRIBERS, terribad mistake. I looked at the 'features matrix' and I'm shocked that the gold subscribers haven't been more vocal about paying $15/month to have less features than prior to the F2P launch. The mere fact that they still require even subscribers to buy from the cash shop to unlock certain features like increased bank/inventory is just ridiculous!

So here's the deal. They need money and this has been their attempt to get more money. Either you pay with money or time, that's the deal. That's what they've said in their dev diaries about the role of dil in the economy. More dil = you spent more time.

Dil wasn't ever meant to be reliably 'farmable' in such insane quantities as it has been previously. They were actually a little too generous and they had to tighten the belt.

Yes it SUCKS, a lot. But instead of f2p players throwing tantrums like 5 year olds cause the lollipop was taken away, grow up and deal with it. Pay with money or time, voice your concerns, but your whining will fall on deaf ears.

Oh right, the 'concessions'? LOL. Heavily nerfed the dil gains from easier content (SB24) to give a pittance of dil at your end-game STFs. Works for them, not for you, suckers

I hope people don't quit just cause it isn't 'easy mode' anymore. It is only a 2nd job if you make it that way. Play a little bit each day and enjoy your incremental progress. Having random drops of 1% or w/e is still worse than being able to grind reputation to actually earn it. Perhaps at least dropping some 'junk' items that can be vendored would help out?

Be glad it ain't worse. Be glad they haven't *censored* so that you have to farm drops from *censored* just to *censored* to add in even more steps for *censored*. Censoring so they don't get any bright ideas

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dude it's also the bloody cost for things now. look at the cost for some base projects. Yes subs should get more goodies for being subs but come on with the dilithium. face it right now we are over grinded. And note many subs are leaving due to S7 so it isn't just we F2Pers who have problems.
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11-17-2012, 12:15 AM
I think the season 7 changes have allowed players to see how shallow this game is and I'm not sure even changing it back would fix the problem.

My logged on time has gone down 80% and when I am on I don't see many friends on either, we used to get 2 lots of stfs running at the same time in our fleet, now there's a struggle to get another player...

I'm reading about similar occurrences does not bode well for our game and the devs livelihood....

*count down to self destruct*....

I feel sorry for my fleet mates that just bought lifetime subs....
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11-17-2012, 01:04 AM
I also agree with the OP, he has summed it up accurately.

I'm so glad I didn't buy the lifetime sub. *phew*
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11-17-2012, 01:18 AM
I'm agree with the OP too, i wish can tell my feeling about what they do but my english is not so good.

I'm a gold member I support this game since the closed beta, i pay every month because i though this game and all people who work on this game deserved it.

But what they do now it just show to us what they want, it's not the game, it's not a deal between us and them like we do everything for you enjoy it and you support us. No it just about money and nothing more.

This season make me think about all the promise we had, like my favourite : the shop will be only for cosmetic stuff.

Yes that true this season is not fun, a lot of good idea and beautiful thing but when i see i will have to do every day and many time per day the same thing for win just a little bit i can't, that should be a game not a work.

What make me the most angry is when i see as a gold member i have the same problem and the same need too pay more than the free member.
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it's very nice that some people are enjoying what season 7 has to offer. that's fine and dandy, however, it does not give them or anyone else the right to dismiss the growing dissent among the game's population. you might be happy not, but how happy will you be when this game becomes Star Trek Offline?

Most of us fight and argue because we truly love playing this game and want it to survive. We don't ***** and moan to hear ourselves speak, but are fighting for a cause that we would like to see rectified. Klingons not getting a fair shake not your cause, no problem. PVP inbalance not your cause, no problem. Just don't fight us every step of the way, because it doesn't affect you. You have your opinions and we have ours. We're fighting to improve aspects of this game. What are you fighting for?
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I keep hearing about people having trouble with a lack of Fleet Marks and I need to ask; Are you folks running the commendation reports at your Starbase? I don't know if your fleet mates have hit rank 4 in any Doff xp categories, but I've been doing pretty good spending the extra CXP for fleet marks. Once you have most categories maxed out and the doffs busy you should be able to net 300 or 400 marks a week if not more just from that, and that's not counting critting any of those assignments.

As for the OP I can understand what you're feeling. Personally my big issue is the length of the timers on the reputation projects, but that's a whole other story. In your situation it might just be a matter of saying "screw it" and ignore the reputation projects and starbase, or at least not be too concerned about them, and go have fun. I know the best time I've had in a while was getting 4 of my fleet mates together and running around Defera with swords making like Zerglings and tearing apart all the Borg through the city area. If you think what Cryptic is making you do is a grind just go and make your own fun. It's obvious dil is going to be harder to come by now (which makes me kind of wonder about this game's financials) so it might be a matter of finding the new normal and finding our own pockets of fun in this universe.
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