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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
I'd like one of those fugly mangy things Kruge had. The one that made his boff's eyes go wide with fear when ordered to "feed him", as if that meant feeding it his own hand.

Warrigals look pretty close, though I dunno if they're actually supposed to be the same thing.

That or a jackal mastiff, like the Rura Penthe warden in ST-VI.

They seem like the more, dare I say it, badass of the Klingon "pets" seen on screen. I was never sold on targs on account of them utterly failing to look like anything other than the pigs in wigs used to film them (on TNG at least, IIRC they were bad CGI on ENT).

Can't even remember the Epohhs, and the memory alpha wiki doesn't have an entry. I'm guessing that was maybe a one-off background critter somewhere? Like maybe some TOS ambassador's fashion accessory pet, or something some kids were seen playing with on TNG one time, or something?
I couldn't find a reference in either the fiction, or wikis, to Epohhs, but then, I looked at the word in a mirror, and thought about "New Romulus"...and realized it must be a port over from some failed PWE project.

Drop one "h" and reverse the spelling..."Hope"...yah, like that's neither cheesy, nor out of place.

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