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Originally Posted by lordhook View Post
Weekend without a single player logged! Players on strike!

If your are asking why?

daxiii23;6600391 wrote:
well lets stay with the reassignment for a moment, lets say i have all white doffs and i want to change into one purple, costs as follows:
white to green:
5 whites + 500 dil = 1 green
green to blue
5 greens + 2500 dill = 1 blue
blue to purple
5 blues + 5000 dill = 1 purple

5x5000 + 5x(2500) + 25x(500) = 50k dil

so one purple BOFF costing now 50k dilithium and 25 white boffs???
and at the same time reduce the amount of dil u can get drastically

scoustar;6598841 wrote:
I tried some Fleet Actions this morning to try and re-motivate myself to play. After being logged out of the Action 14 times during the course of play I gave up. Whilst I'm sure today's server maintenance is designed to repair this, I'm also certain that Fleet Actions are still as dull and pointless as before...

"ooh look, that Tuatara Cruiser is dropping warp plasma, nice. Shame there's not an enemy within 9km of it really"

I agree wholly with Cryptic's idea to entice players to play alternate content. But I think it's disgraceful to destroy enjoyable end game content (guess what you *******, people played STF's for enjoyment as well as dil farming, numbers don't tell you that I suppose ) in order to enforce play in BAD content.

Yes, the Fleet Actions are BAD BAD BAD content, that's why no one played them, except for a few pointless Fleet Marks. Adding the rewards was a good idea. Taking them out of STF's was stupid beyond words, unless we all accept that they did it purely and entirely and deliberately out of greed.

Well done Cryptic, you've proven that inbreeding really does make you dumb.
rodentmaster;6583181 wrote:
**** no!

It's an insult to say they listen but then change one of the LEAST of the problems they just introduced. Adding dilithium back to STFs is a small portion of the problems they've just added. THe entire game is a dil sink now. That's the problem. DOFFs costing THOUSANDS of dil per day is the problem.

The result is still a net loss of thousands of dil per day as compared to season6.

**** NO, I'm not happy with thier "compromise" (which can barely even be called that)
Yea I will be offline in protest and looking for a real free to play game instead of pay to play free to grind. and farm till you get carpel tunnel
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I have to share this. It's from another post, entitled "A perspective from our fleet members" and it is relevant to this thread.

nicha0 wrote:

I wanted to post some feedback that I hear in our fleet from those that don't normally enter the forums. We all know that forum users are a tiny percentage of the playerbase so their opinion is often excused as not entirely valid.

As someone who is now leading a medium sized fleet of 75 members I have a lot to deal with, I didn't join wanting to be in this position but here I am. When I hear of fleet member's concerns about the changes I have no positive answers to give them.

At the start of season 6 we'd have over 20 members on at a time, up to 30, by the end of season 6 the number was down, to be expected, to around 10 or so average but still peaking over 20. During season 7 so far it is 4-5, except for the first night but they dropped like flies early in the night.

The fleet is very average, we try to increase members skills but many are just very casual players. Over the time I see nearly all of them playing STFs and none are doing older fleet actions, we often play together on STFs, fleet actions for marks, and other activities. I do like to think our fleet is special, we have a lot of close people, and we play together frequently, it isn't just a chat room, we work together and achieve goals.

The comments I see from PMs and in fleet chat are like this....

New Romulus comments
"New Romulus is gorgeous but there is nothing to do. "
"New Romulus is boring, what a waste"
"Whats the point of New Romulus?"
There are a dozen variations on this, why so much development time if there is no content here?

The most concerning comments are:
"I already have a job, I don't want another"
we got one last night "well this looks like it for me, this isn't even fun anymore"
"This feels like I'm working"
Basically, people don't want to work, then come home to relax and have to work again. This is a game not a job, but S7 really has turned it into a job. I am not having any fun either, which means as a company you have failed.

"They took stuff away from everything I like to do"
"I don't want to play fleet actions"
"I don't understand the reputation system"
"Why don't I get any loot?"
"What is a reputation system?"
The average player has no clue WTH happened in S7. They are annoyed and frustrated.

Our starbase is nearly T4, we have been making steady progress, about 1k xp a day on average weekdays and 2k on weekends. Thats over. We don't get enough marks for one project a day now. Our fleet use to run Defera nightly in groups to get some marks, but now we are getting 60% of what we used to there, so that is basically out. Officer Reports is gone so those marks are out for the very casual players who used to be able to contribute a little, now can't contribute anything. This makes people feel useless.

So 3 days in, and we have already instead of a player increase, we are down 50% active, I'll admit my time in game is at 50% as well, I'm saying to myself "Whats the point?" We have players, good awesome people, so down by the changes they are leaving. We have a lot of players on the fence, there are so many complaints that the game feels like work and they don't want that stress, I know we'll lose more.

So what mistakes were made?
New Romulus - Gorgeous but pointless, its vast, its empty, its boring. So many hours put into creating something that just isn't worth it. It can be fixed..

STFs - Other than the crazy difficulty change, whats the point for having 8 different missions now? Its all bland, its the same thing. Lockboxes sell because of gambling, STFs were played because of the same reason, now there is no real point. Bring instant gratification back, make people EXCITED again. The vault wasn't played before because it was a low quality grinding reward, don't turn STFs into the same thing.. well you already did, but don't keep it that way.

Dilithium and marks - Obviously changed to make the game more profitable, it will undoubtedly backfire and create fewer players, these things tend to chain react. You made the game into a resource grind, its a job, you need to grind onto every resource there is to get less than before. It isn't fun, its work. Here is some news. The people that pay your bills are the mature working class, this is a lot of our fleet, we have income to spend on fun games. What people don't want is to come home from work, to unwind by working harder on a game. If you lose the people that pay, the F2P will not have ways to earn their money.. its a balance all F2P games need.

I have a feeling most of the resource removals are based on the multi character exploits. It would have been wiser to remove the ability to transfer huge amounts of dilithium across characters instead of penalizing every player in the game. You made the wrong decision, it will cost you. It was probably easy enough to do, create a 2nd style of zen where once its been converted once it can't be again and gets character bound on the dil exchange.

Reputation system - The casual players are completely clueless what this is, how to use it, that it even exists. What a terrible non-introduction.

Removal of efficiency - Sometimes its OK to have time limited missions to gain things faster than other ways. By removing B'Tran and the console clicking you essentially killed off the ability of the casual player to log on, spend less than an hour online and get stuff done. This complaint is 2nd only to the "feels like a 2nd job" complaint, and directly tied to it. Whats the big deal if every 24 hours someone could double up on a single dilithium mission? Its not even a 20 hr daily, its 24 hrs which means you are going to miss the recycle time and push it further back each day missing some. When progress feels lost, people quit games, not just here but everywhere.

Ultimately, I doubt I'll get a response to this, I doubt it will affect anything. I love change, but this wasn't a good change. I do really want to keep playing, to have our fleet online and having fun again, working together to achieve goals; but the morale after just 3 days is frightening.
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With the changes made STO is not fun for me anymore... These reputation systems need cut back on the time it takes to do them, like others have said, and I will again, I have a job in life, I dont need one here.... Wow to having new content, but as usual its all about making the buck for Cryptic and PW, they obviously do not care where this is going, or would not have fracked it up as much as they did.... Hope they fix it or Scotty will be beaming me out permanently....
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Perfect Wolrd asian farm cash shop milkin mentality!WELCOME IT EMBRACE IT THEN PI** ON IT!Eventualy game will die like all asian so called f2p games ..They anounce big release put some pretty fake photos gather some people for a while then its a descending trend from then on till game dies or gets sold to another cow cash company who tries to lie and squeeze some greens till it dies for good!
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I'm not sure if this breaks some forum rule or something. Who can keep up with what you are and arn't allowed to do these days.

This is a post I made and I think it is very relevent considering the course this thread has taken.

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What it really seems like is they're milking the sinking ship for all its treasure before they scuttle it to the ocean floor. Steal every dime from its player base before destroying it entirely. Does anyone know when the license to use Star Trek brand name is up? I bet you it's within the next 2 years. PW probably doesn't plan on renewing the license so it's going to rob us for everything we're worth before killing the game. It's the only way their changes to the game this season make any sense.

Well Perfect World, I know you don't answer us with anything more than lies but I gotta ask..., do you plan on renewing your licensing rights to Star Trek?
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Originally Posted by robuille View Post
Does anyone know when the license to use Star Trek brand name is up? I bet you it's within the next 2 years. PW probably doesn't plan on renewing the license so it's going to rob us for everything we're worth before killing the game. It's the only way their changes to the game this season make any sense.

I will find out, I have connections.

My guess... is much sooner than two years.

It looks like they released these changes just in time for the holiday gaming season in order to drive the player base to other games. After working out the math to reach certain milestones in Omega Reputation, our only conclusion was this was done deliberately. Our guess is they are using STO as a market research tool, see how much crap they can Asian before the player-base migrates.

From what I see, from my end... during my play times... Is server population is way down. Few are buying VESTA class ships. Wait time for an STF is now 10-15 min.

Based on all this, I'll bet ya we're shut down before the next anniversary event.
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and Ea wants to have Command & conquer go F2P. Shakes head
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11-17-2012, 08:45 AM
i cryed agian today all the fun gone replaced buy nothing but grind sign on and decide wich grind to do dilith grind omaga grind new romulan grind. used to be fun to do the stf what drop will i get? somthing for fleet bank? item me or a friend could realy use?? somthing to sell and get ec or dilith for? or the joy and pride of the tech drop and rushing to turn in and get the shiney new pice to complet my set??? now its just grind and wait days to see what i can spend my dwindleing suply of dilith on!!!!! in the words of Adam Sandler " whooopie f-ing dooo "
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Do we even need Free 2 play?

I think it's a failure that just allows cheap lazy bums to play for free and people like me who pay to be set up in a situation where it is us verses the development staff whenever they feel like a dilithium imbalance threatens their profit and they need to change it.

Instead can't their be "PLEX" cards like Eve where Cryptic has a set amount and auctions that amount off each month, and if people want to sell them on the exchange after winning them in Zen auctions fine?

Also have Free guest passes to hand out and give to players to give to friends each month.

Return the One Free Ship Upon Reaching 50 token back.

Remove the 10 million EC cap

Set ALL STF and Fleet Action so that in normal circumstances it takes about 2 hours of doing a series of either or combination of both to achieve the 8000 dilithium cap. DEVOTEING MORE THEN TWO HOURS A DAY TO GAME PLAY IS OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOR. Do not be one of those a holes that encourages self destructive behavior.
This doesn't make sense anyways. Your trying to make money by selling zen instead of having players go earn it in STF which the company has to pay for in bandwidth. Crptic might get a few more zen purchasers but they will also get more people spending more time in Events and useing up more bandwidth. It's a double edged sword my friend.

Remove dilithium requirement from R&D projects.

80% reduce dilithium requirement for duty officer reassignment.

Keep lockboxes. That system makes sense to help raise money and keep certain items rarified.

Stop offering Lifetime Subscriptions. After about a year or two they are just black holes that other subbers have to pay for, and the people who buy lifetime subs are the ones who plan on playing for a very long time. Ontop of this if you ever do a sequel to the game they will all have fits if you reduce your support to this version of STO.

I don't know of any game that once it went F2P it eventually went back to a sub model. I think it's good advertiseing, it's got bawls for being unique and implying that the content has turned around to an extent that they feel confidant in chargeing for it again.

Please get rid of Free2 players this game has become so much more trouble and irritation trying to cater to a F2P model.

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