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11-17-2012, 08:56 AM
Originally Posted by avarseir View Post
Valid argument there on luck, but lets consider if there're no drops at all for common tech, it still takes 60 normal STF runs to get your full mkX ground set. Which probably works out to be longer than the current system.. unless you do the STFs consecutively and just STF after STF. Plus, if you're a new player.. you have no business in Elite STFs right? You don't get blown up that easily in Normal STF if you know whats going on.

Lets see.. 60 STFs = 1800 marks (30 Marks per STF). You don't need that many marks to unlock all the MkX gear right? Plus 10.5K dils which you can earn other way and some token items like generators, shield charges, easily obtained from vendors.

If you include the time taken to run the 60 STFs, everything can be quite tiring.. now you can load the project, go to sleep or watch survivor with your wife, play hide and seek with your children, checking your investment portfolio, go to the gym, play some golf then come back with your gear completed. That's for the average player.

IF you're hardcore.. and you haven't gotten your Mk12 gear for all your alts and boffs by now, i'd say you're not hardcore enough

My argument remains: New system is good, but the requirements (both time and resources) are steep.. reduce that by say 30% and you have a nice system in place.

**I'm off to catch a connecting flight to London, so I may not reply for sometime. Be nice guys
Bro, I can tell you I'm more casual a player than you, (Military life, Wife and dog), and I can say for certain being a new player as well, (I made VA a few days before S7 came out.) that this system is an obvious ploy to make there content last longer (old content mind you) and make more revenue. But what it will do is have the opposite effect. I have no reason to really play. I easily earned 100+ marks in an hour, no I have no reason to do STF's.

STF's were the main fun of the game after hitting VA. I at least earned something after every game. Not to mention the rate at which you gain dilitium has been nerfed. Those last few days after I hit VA, I was more than able to adequately gear myself with MkXI to be the top DPS in every Elite I queued in. I even managed to get two pieces of MkXII in a matter of a day or two. So lets not sit around and act like the old system isnt geared for casual players. Random drop based systems have been in every major MMO.

And if your priorities are to spend more time with the wife and kids, check your investment portfolio, golf and go to the gym. Why are you playing this game? Your idea of a casual gamer is not a casual gamer. I play on average an hour or two a night. That's casual.

Do me a favor, don't allow your priorities affect the pace and challenge of a game so that its simply easier for you to not put in any actual effort and just click a queue button and come back every 40 hours and have your gear served to you on a silver platter. Its a game, its meant to have challenge, its meant to be PLAYED.

As it is, I'm at a stand still for the next few weeks on gearing my VA as before I could as least make some progress every night. And you support this system? Serious priority check bro, either don't play this game and focus on your priorities that matter to you, or actually play the game.

Don't support a system that ruins it for those who actually want to play.

end /rant
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Truth be told i''d rather had they trippled the prices on the items per tier and give them instantly then having to run 40 hour projects.

ie. when you unlocked tier one after 81 hours, you can get the MK X set instantly for like 750 omega points or w/e. instead of having to run another 40 hour project...

IMHO right now all you''re doing STF''s for is to kill time till the 40 hours are over (provided you have enough marks to do next tier research).

at least pre-s7 you would go into an STF with the idea of "" might get something nice"" instead of "" 18 hours till next unlock""

I realize there''s other stuff to do ingame besides STF but dunno seems like right now you''d only grind for enough marks to get your next tier research done.
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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
They are buffing loot drops pretty substantially in the next couple of weeks. Most tougher mobs are being given an 80% chance of dropping green or better.

Like I say, the big thing for me is that you have to use project rather than upgrade slots for gear. So why would anyone opt for the gear until they hit T5?

It's just 70 days to T5. So I probably won't look at the store unlocks or item upgrades until I hit T5.
That's my only big complaint as well. It should definitely use the upgrade slot,
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Cryptic should take a page from NCsoft and arena net to improve what they got....I'm done defending sto, I still love new romulus and Im good with the dilithium channels they put in, but the reputation system is broken and if its not broken in which case they intended it this way then they have officially failed.
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Its almost as if with the reputation system the developers are saying don't play the game. The reputation system is def not geared for the avid gamer. someone who may spend 4 plus hrs a day playing.
STF's are now ok i played, 1 got enough marks for the next project, what to do with myself for the next 2 days whilst i'm time gated. I can't buy **** as there are no edc's, rare salvage,proto-salvage or tech drops to trade in to Roxie for gear.

I miss the old system yes the random drops were frustrating at times but not as bad as people were making out. At least it gave you reason to play, i may get lucky and get the tech. or get rare-proto-salvage to top my dil

Right now with Season 7 i'm logging in doing my doffs and thinking i can't be asked to run STF's theres very little reward for the effort that goes into them

Thanks Cryptic/PWE you are a step closer to killing the game.
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Yeah I discovered this this morning and came here to post about it. Having the requisitions and store unlocks 1) take *40* hours to complete and 2) be slotted in the advancement slots instead of the upgrade slot (like where the borg neutral processor > dil conversion project goes) is just really bad.

I'm OK with the rep system, but these two things really need to be changed.
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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Everyone who says he farmed for 5 months without a drop is a flat out liar.

Maybe you remember yourself wanting the set for 5 months...

I made a character after I heard about the sets going in season 7 and I got everything including MK XII ground - plus I had to level it first.

I never had any problems on any of my characters, but say it WAS true, do you really think it's fair to kill everything on stf just so you can get your ground set?

Anyway I am pretty sure you can skip the MK XI, however you will need MK XII for the adapted version unlock.
I am a little annoyed at people like you, it's your fault we are in this mess in the first place
Not calling anyone a liar......... But this ^^^^^

Most of my Mark 12 gear comes from failed optionals, and I outfited my Main Captain with full mark 12 Omega/MACO sets with 2 sets of Mark 12 anti-borg weapons, and 3 different torps in about a month. I waited until last minute to rush and get my Eng cap/KDF cap Mark 11 gear took about a 2 weeks. I have the worst luck in MMO's + I am lazy when it comes to endgame. What would have taken me a month tops to finish will now take 3 times longer and cost much more.

The previous system droprate wasn't even bad compared to other MMO's (look up Final Fantasy 11 Salvage armor pre-update 0.03% droprate on needed components says "hi")

Sorry but anyone who thinks this rep system is in place to help them is misguided, naive, or silly (no offense but cryptic likes those kind of players).
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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
This Rep system ONLY works if your whole universe revolves around playing STO from the time you get up, until you finally MUST sleep.
Not so. To advance in the system, you just need to do Mark missions a couple of times a week. And then log in periodically to start your next set of Rep projects. Getting the gear out of the Reputation stores will require some dedicated time to acquire Dilihtium. But it's not hard is your aren't striving for the full 8K per day. You can easily get 5.5K per day with 1 - 1.5 hours of play time doing the Dilihtium Dailies in Eta Eridai, Breen Daillies, Strange New Wolrds (Exploration Daily) and the Mining daily. If you have more time, you can do the STFs or FAs.
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Remove the big time gate on buying stuff and lower the dilithium price on the stuff in the store would make me like the system. We play enough not to have to live on this game. I have to work to make money to play this game. You like my money right?
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Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
Not so. To advance in the system, you just need to do Mark missions a couple of times a week. And then log in periodically to start your next set of Rep projects. Getting the gear out of the Reputation stores will require some dedicated time to acquire Dilihtium. But it's not hard is your aren't striving for the full 8K per day. You can easily get 5.5K per day with 1 - 1.5 hours of play time doing the Dilihtium Dailies in Eta Eridai, Breen Daillies, Strange New Wolrds (Exploration Daily) and the Mining daily. If you have more time, you can do the STFs or FAs.
Pretty much this.

I'm in a weird situation in that the switch to Season 7 has hobbled my impetus to play for hours at a time. The new reputation systems (time sinks) don't encourage this. For the Omega alone, we can run a 9-minute Elite STF, get the optional, and have more than enough marks to suffice for days of 40h projects. The Romulan marks aren't much different. I don't know future project costs but it seems that '2 month completion' quote is more weighted towards the duration of the projects than the actual work required.

Because of the project duration compared to contributions, it isn't so much a grind now, as it is...well...gardening. Pop in Monday to water the plants, come back Wednesday and see how the leaves are doing.

I can just hear a dev muttering 'Well what more do you want?! You asked for less grind!' It's weird saying these things because of the whole argument about the amount of grind in S7. Dilithium's still time-intensive to earn alone. But unlocking these reputation tiers is more an exercise in just not playing the game and letting it do its thing. This may not be the much-hated grind, but it is a means of artificially extending the content duration and keeping us from running out of things to do, too soon.

It's working for me. I'm working more on outside art projects than I ever did pre-S7.

I will say I am not complaining heavily just yet, I just find it something hard to wrap my head around whether I like it or not... On the plus side, I feel like I'm getting somewhere...even if it's in 40 hour chunks which are helping me play less and get more stuff done (around Fleet Starbase burnout). On the minus side, these systems are not engaging content that gives me the Star Trek experience I tune in to play. I'd have to focus on the actual content of the repeatables for that.


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