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# 3391 inventory
11-17-2012, 09:00 AM
I'd like a multiple drag and drop function for my inventory. It's tiresome having to move one thing at a time from my inventory to my bank. Could we please have a multiple select fuction... like WINDOWS ;0)
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11-17-2012, 05:46 PM
On Short Term Base : a change of the consoles that come with ship on the Zen Store towards devices for that ship. Those consoles consume place for either tactictal, science or enginering consoles (weakens the attack power or defences of the vessel).

Also, I have noticed that my weapons and defences are nerfed down and the oponents have been nerfed up. Please put those back in balance
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11-17-2012, 09:52 PM
More realistic abilities to have viably playable roles.

So far everyone is either DPS or Survival. Cant really blame them either, especially with the gimpy heal skills.

You could go tank. But since there is a general lack of teamwork, most tanks are a mixed DPS/Heal kind of tankish cause of the simply fact that there is no healer.

Anyone who actually goes heals has to sacrifice so much in DPS and armor resist, that they will need a true all out tank in order to survive.

But healing in this game sucks. There are not heal based weapons slot gear. the skills them sevles, even if you get ever hull/shield repair skill and even tac buffs to fire on all the others to keep them healed and buffed, the skills are often sharing CDs with others topped off with having long CDs to the point where it will likely be suicide, if you draw agro.

And it is very easy for a healer to draw that agro, especially with no skills except for a couple ground skills that reduce threat.

As this game is now, you simply cannot support the 3 or 4 specs of DPS, Healer, Tank and CC.
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# 3394
11-18-2012, 11:44 AM
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11-18-2012, 01:04 PM
A reputation system that is NOT a time gate - Short Term
Bug fixes. Lots of bug fixes - Mid Term/Short Term (depending on the bug)
More FREE ships - Long Term/Mid Term (More of the old ships in the series that is)
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# 3396
11-18-2012, 02:06 PM
unlockble multi-spec options

Right now if you want to switch between existing or experimental specs, you have to always pay either your free-respec tokens, or some sort of payment that makes respecing a very risky idea.

As it stands now, if you wanna do well in this game you only have 2 spec options for any realistic abilities, and both are almost pure solo game play styles. DPS High End fast killing or personal survivability tank spec (not true threat management tank).

As this game stands now, if you spec a True Threat/Agro Management Tank an as True to Heal spec in this game, your a dead player.

Without Multi spec, the option of experimenting is far to costly to the player to try anything new for very long at all, cause the need for survival or High End DPS will out weigh the desire to experiment with other spec options in a more team role based play style.

Any players who foster any sort of advance teamwork that can utilize the high end extremes of a True Tank or True healer to the best of those abilities quickly find them selves out of luck cause next to no player wants to spec into something that will get them killed solo.

Simply changing bridge officers wont be enough when you cant afford to change your skills tree spec, and you would have to personally choose either Survival or highend DPS just to keep the game fun for your self.
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# 3397
11-18-2012, 02:19 PM
This is a long read, but one I hope will be worth your while, either as a player or a developer.
If this fires up a long discussion or vitriolic debate I will repost this whole mess in its own thread and simply change this post to link to it from here for the convenience of any dev or forum goer who might want to come back review/laugh at it.

Borg Neural Processors are nearly worthless. Granted, they can't be used for getting items until you reach the final tier, but that doesn't mean their ancillary purpose as a dilithium supplement should automatically be so... well, so miniscule. Currently each processor is worth 200 dilithium and five must be collected to turn them in. That's an awful lot of work for very little reward and as such provides little incentive for players to use the feature.

A more reasonable arrangement might be allowing processors to be turned in two at a time for a value of 1,000 dilithium, but with a wait time of two or three hours. This would make it akin to the "turn in contraband" assignments, though for half the reward. This will allow players to spend some of their processors for a worthwhile gain without using it as a primary source of dilithium income and save some for later use.

Fix them torpedoes. I might do a whole ?nother giant wall of text explaining my thought processes on this. Maybe. Otherwise I had nothing to put in mid-term. Ignore this.

-Fix the Reputation system.
+Problem A1: The wait.

The system is boring and effectively rewards players for NOT playing the game. This is bad. Once a project is started there is nothing to do but wait for very nearly two days. What will players do in the interim? I can't speak for the entire player base, but personally I'll be playing something else.

+Problem A2: The wait for loot.
The rewards at any tier of the reputation system aren't worth it. It takes 81 hours just to reach the first tier, then another 40 to unlock anything. Unfortunately it's all worthless junk. Certainly the set items are worth acquiring, but each set only comprises 3 items. However, a Vice Admiral ship requires seven to eight weapons, and those bought from the store require significant investments of dilithium to purchase and 40 more hours of thumb twiddling before they can even be bought. Fleet weapons, while more expensive, are vastly superior and don't require two months of waiting to unlock mark 12 quality.

In short, a player's time and resources are far better spent working towards fleet weapons, shields, and other hardware rather than buying anything at all from the reputation store, let alone bothering to unlock them in the first place, as that would slow down unlocking the only desirable items for sale: the unique sets. If these could be acquired through other means I doubt hardly anyone would bother with the reputation system after reaching tier one and seeing the costs and wait times involved for everything.

+Problem A3: The wait for expendable loot.
40 hours for a consumable? These things better have a bazillion charges in them or do something hilariously awesome that isn't listed in the description, like spawning tie fighters and storm troopers. I can get scorpion fighters and cryo grenades in just an hour or two--and they're not even that useful. What possible incentive is there to spend two days getting an item I might burn up in a single STF and may not be all that useful anyway?

+Problem B: The XP.
Projects intended to level up a player's reputation quickly award 2,000 and 800 rep XP. All other projects award a whopping... 10. This is dumb. A player would have to do 80 such projects just to match the lesser of the two previous examples. Are there even half that many projects to do on the way to tier 5? The reward is effectively zero and seems more like a reminder--a taunt, even--that this project is actually costing you oodles of rep XP instead of awarding you an item.

At this point it may seem like I hate the reputation system and wish it would go away. The former is true; I hate the reputation system in its current state, but I definitely want it to stay. It's a powerful tool that allows players to order their own high end content at will. That is extremely cool.

It also gives the developers a way to deliver other content that was previously available only from lockboxes. I believe the official reason for not offering unique vessels like the Galor or D'Kora was because it "wouldn't make sense." As if that matters. With the reputation system, however, it does make sense. More on that later, though.

In any case, I want the reputation system to be something I'll actually use. At present the whole thing is such a giant hassle I might only climb it with one captain--and merely out of curiosity, rather than a real desire for the content it delivers. That's very unfortunate because a lot of effort obviously went into its creation and at present it seems like a lot of the community hates almost to the point of abandoning the system until it changes. So in that vein I posit the following solutions.

+Solution A1
Remove the arbitrary waiting malarky. Frankly it's a dumb idea, or at least it is with the preposterously long waiting times. Removing most of the wait times altogether and increasing the resource costs seems like a better idea to me. Increasing the costs by a factor of 10 would require an investment of 10,000 dilithium for each level up project. That's slightly more than a day's worth, even for a veteran. This would allow long players who've accumulated vast sums of dilithium (or have several captains to generator large quantities in a short time) to quickly scale the system and acquire gear of a quality they are used to much faster than new players, who would might actually benefit from going through the long leveling process their first time. The climb to the top is only fun once or twice.

This may also encourage players to buy ZEN and convert it into dilithium to speed things up or be forced to wait a little longer--but not as long as they currently do. There wouldn't be much point having two separate reputation XP projects if it were done this way, so they could be combined into one project. This would not only be easier for the players to manage, but would also leave one project slot free at all times to do other things. This would in turn encourage players to unlock things in the store rather than hoarding their precious project slots to climb to straight to the top, skipping everything else on the way there. Store items also happen to cost dilithium. This would further increase the demand for dilithium beyond a player's daily refining cap and consequently further encourage use of the dilithium exchange.

The strength of this solution is that it should be incredibly easy to implement. It mostly involves changing around some numbers, which could presumably be done in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Reduce most wait times to a range of 30 seconds to a couple of hours and increase most project costs by a factor of five or something and leave everything else as is. Extremely simple. Unless players go on a massive dilithium buying frenzy it will still take around 35 days to reach tier five, but players will at least feel like they are working towards something, rather than simply waiting on it. A small, but very significant difference.

It might also be a good idea to replace the XP milestones for leveling up the store as well. Why not, instead of using the Skinner Box model, make the milestones a linear progression? An average five days spent at each tier seems fair. It would give the player enough time to make a few wortwhile purchases before leaving it behind forever.

+Solution A2
This solution could be rendered moot by solution A, but I think is worth considering anyway. If getting to the end of the reputation is going to take forever or cost a vast fortune in dilithium and commodities to reach, then at least give us something that is worth the insane wait or cost. Something like starships. I want a Romulan Warbird, darn it. Or how about a special ship from OMEGA? That old Excaliber flagship design (LINK) look like just the sort of thing OMEGA might have cooked up to combat the Borg. Commodities already exist for purchasing rare and pwoerful ships; right now they're called Fleet Modules. With an easy rebranding as "Construction" or "Ship Modules" they could be adapted for use in the reputation store.

+Solution A3
This is also easy to fix. Either make consumable projects unlock them as store items or have the projects award a buttload of consumables. It would also be nice to know how many consumables are awarded by completing the project, since that is not currently listed. This solution could be moot for all I know. Maybe buying the scorpions gives me a stack of a hundred? I'll never take a chance wasting my time with the project unless I know for sure, though.

+Solution B
This was a weird complaint, I know; but one I couldn't let alone for some reason. Just make every project worth a minimum of 200 or 400 xp or none at all. Those crumbs of XP won't add up to anything even over the course of a two month grind to the top.

Parting thoughts.
Even after a player has reached tier five they should still want to buy stuff from the store. Making the merchandise just expensive enough to be out of reach without some use of the dilithium exchange is one way to go about things, but what if a player isn't interested in the consumables? I probably won't be unless, as previously mentioned, they spawn copyright infringing mooks that will breakdance and broadway at the snap of my fingers. So I posit a different way to keep players using the reputation store: rentals.

Rather than selling all those sweet mark 12 weapons and sets, why not rent them out? I'm sure every non developer reading this is seething with rage at the mere mention of the idea, and rightuflly so. It would be very hard to pull off and make it feel worthwhile. But personally I'd like to keep coming back to rep store, instead of getting everything I want from it and then abandoning it completely. I think a good way to ensure regular use of the system would be to allow players to "rent" complete weapon loadouts and item sets.

Instead of having to buy everything one piece at a time over the course of a week or two, wouldn't it be better to make a single lump payment that will secure you access to all the gear you want for say... a week? I don't know how much it would cost, but perhaps something in the neighborhood of 20,000 dilithium for a group of any 8 weapons of my choosing? That's 2,500 for each one. This may seem cheap to a developer, but it isn't for a player, and remember that they're rentals. Guaranteed not to last.

Certainly the option to actually buy your equipment should remain available, but renting should carry some unique bonuses that make it worthwhile as well. Being able to choose any mark 12 weapons you want and adjust their modifiers seems like a great way to do that. Having a tough time buying a complete set of [CRT]x3 antiproton heavies? Well now you can get them any time you want.

This would also be an invaluable tool for developers as well. Tracking which weapons and modifiers are rented the most could provide valuable feedback for balance changes. I bet there's more than one torpedo and energy weapon that will be almost totally untouched by a majority of the player base and now the devs could for sure what they are without combing the forums for complaints and instead work solely on solutions.

And with that my giant wall text, surely visible from orbit by now, is done.

Last edited by ocilon; 11-19-2012 at 08:43 PM. Reason: Corrected some numbers and incomplete sentences.
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11-19-2012, 06:47 AM
Short Term Requests:

Mid-Term Requests:
Read the complaints by players about Season 7 and fix it.

Long Term Requests:
As an alternative to changing ships as we progress, why don't we choose (pay for) a base model ship that can be upgraded/refit that will eventually make it a Tier 5 ship.
For example, a Defiant-class base ship with the configuration of the Tier 2 Sabre.
As we progress, we can add console and bridge officer slots.
Allot points to various ratings and abilities.

Just a thought.
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11-19-2012, 04:01 PM
I'd like to be able to pay for an ability to change my character traits. My Gorn is sitting there without the ability to bite people because I was too clueless to give it to him a year ago. And my first Caitian DOES NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO POUNCE!!! Let me change my characters traits! You let me rename them and respec them, why not change their traits? I should not be penalized because I was clueless a year ago. Yes I would happily buy ZEN to do it.

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11-19-2012, 05:29 PM
1) Stable server connection
2) Stable server connection
3) Stable server connection

And don't even try blaming it on my machine or my connection. This started with the Season 7 pre-patching, and was perfectly fine before.

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