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# 1 Season 7. Good or Bad
11-17-2012, 10:51 AM
I started playing season 7 content. I must admit some of it is good, Some of it is shockingly bad. The good stuff mainly new rom is good content. Running around chasing bunnies with andorian tenticals on them..... Still not sure what the giant pink thing is about. Just totally totally werid PW. WTF lol.... :eek Tholians in mech suits. Looks cool. Die well. Works well.

I just got to thinking whats the best way to grind out yet another curancy on Sto the romulan marks. I just had a fit of rage at the pointless missin on teir 1 into the warehouse. WTF. 10 Rom marks and it took me to my 40th birthday to finish. Im only 29 lol.
Compleatly pointless if you ask me. Don't do it. The best way to get the marks is to do the space mission where you need to visit five systems kill some stuff for 60 marks and scanning radiation. Get 300 to turn in for 30 Rom marks. Easy. Doing everything else at least once is worth it but after that no point as its too musch work for little reward.

The STF's are at the minute broken as they have been buffed to almost God like status. Doable they are but getting optional is no option. Which leads me to think, Whats the point in the optional now, You get your Marks and your loot. And your now returned Dil. But whats optional give you, (ANYONE HELP FILL IN THAT SECTION IS WELCOME)

The private cues are down so we can't go in with fllet and friends and have been forced to PUG it to death. Please people. Listen to your MASTER when it comes to doing stf's a few people still think its good to shoot the gate while the transformers are still alive. ......Bangs head repeatablly with a nailed board).... Its hard I know to listen, But it has no shame.

For now we will have to make do. The fleet actions with SB 24 and Klink scout force have been injected with new life. More like forced life back into. People it would seem go where the pink is lol, However I have done a few myself gotten some great loot too doing it. But still no Mk12 gear drops. WHY. All mk11 purple. Whats the deal PW. They said getting MK12 gear would be easyer but where is it.

So here is my opinon so far. Not to bad over all, Need to work out the niches and straighten a few things out. May turn out great. Love Romulan home world. Hate the reputation system. Seems like a punishment with added currencies and yet more grinding.
Don't see the point in the embassy and won't go into that much for now.

But one thing is sure, That life time I was thinking about has gone out the window. To many currencies for me. Not enjoying the constant grinding when I'v been max level since season 1.
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# 2
11-17-2012, 11:08 AM
I enjoy any season/patch/update that adds this much content AND major bug free. Lets put this in perspective, it's a MMO. Changes come and growth is a constant. Without these two aspects, you have a normal single player game.

I am never very vocal but I like the direct this MMO is going and I look forward to the future.
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# 3
11-17-2012, 11:13 AM
Words don't really describe how bad this has gotten......so I'll make a new one:


Spiked demand for dilithium with no change in how much refined dilithium you can get short of paying for it.

Add it the addition of more grinding and PvE stuff, and that makes it over 2 years (almost 3) without a single addition to the game's PvP content.

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# 4
11-17-2012, 11:22 AM
I can sum up Season 7 pretty much like this - http://i.imgur.com/V2X4e.gif
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# 5
11-17-2012, 11:33 AM
I like it there is alot of new things to do and its not a stf grind just for higher tier gear there is more you can do to get it and i like that change.
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# 6
11-17-2012, 11:56 AM
S7 - Mixed feelings, parts I like, parts I don't like. I think the reputation system had good intentions, but its implementation has failed, many things wrong with it that discourage spending more time int he game, and playing STFs.
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# 7
11-17-2012, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
I can sum up Season 7 pretty much like this - http://i.imgur.com/V2X4e.gif
lmfao rofl nice
swimwear off risa not fixed
system Lord Baal is dead
Originally Posted by macronius View Post
This! Their ability to outdo their own failures is quite impressive. If only this power could be harnessed for good.
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# 8
11-17-2012, 12:36 PM
Fired it up, played for a day or two, then grind fatigue hit again.......went elsewhere for gaming fun.

You want my cash Cryptic/PW your going to actually have to produce something other than constant grind.

Your move.
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# 9
11-17-2012, 12:46 PM
For me, it killed the game. Things were marginal before the patch, and now I just can't be bothered anymore.

I'm out, bye!
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# 10
11-17-2012, 12:51 PM
Im viewing Season 7 to be more bad than good.

Good: I like the reputation system and New Romulus

BAD: The very excessive grinding (Dilithium grinding, Fleet Grinding, STF Grinding, Romulan Mark Grinding)........ its just way too much! Even after a few days, I'm already mega burnt out. So much I actually went back to TOR to get immersed in the storylines just to actually enjoy a game for once.

STO's turned too much into a job and just not fun playing anymore.

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