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Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
come one get this crap out of my star trek. if people want pets the should play pokemon.

name one episode where the captins have pets that follow them around on missions and or fight.

get this crap out of star trek.

this is just one more reason why cryptic should never have got its hands on the IP
Data had a pet cat that showed up fairly regularly as well. Sure, it was never involved in fighting the Borg, but seeing as the Epohhs don't fight either, I don't see the problem...

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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Archer from Enterprise had a dog
Actually, I quite liked Porthos.
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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
Bit of a nitpick, but, targs never showed up in any of the movies. There's a mastiff in ST-VI and a... thing... which might be a warrigal in ST-III. Targs got mentions in passing since TOS, but the first time one was ever actually shown was in TNG.

Back on topic, targ breeding, or at the very least targ combat pets do make sense. They're canon, they're already fielded by Klingon NPC groups encountered as enemies by Fed players, and we've got that targ breeder already conspicuously set up across from the crafting are on Qo'Nos.

In regards to balance, I'd actually prefer that come in a form other than just giving Feds an equivalent pet. Give them a combat ability Klinks can't get, or a craftable weapon class Klinks can't use. Balance things out in a way that creates tactical complexity, not in a ham-fistedly simple force-against-force way.

If you really had to just give Feds some kind of equivalent combat pets, I'd suggest exocomps. That way gives a little bit of tactical trade-off balance (ranged vs. melee), and is more fitting with canon styling than Feds fielding war animals. The combat drones are arguably already similar, but there's a lot you could do with AI, weapons loadout, etc to distinguish them.
I'm fairly sure Captain Krueg's pet in "the Search for Spock" was a targ. Once again, it boils down to lack of development by previous Star Trek writers during and after TOS and beyond. The original Klingons were unexplained in most aspects, never seriously developed as a people with their own drives and interests until TNG. it is also likely the creature on Rurapenthe was another film makers view of a targ. We really don't know and it isn't explained.

I agree, I don't want a pet war either. Fed side is already much more developed so IMO tribbles are enough. Make the KDF targ a combat pet that does the same as the NPC Targ Handler spawns and ban KDF from being able to use or equip all tribbles and I would say it is balanced.
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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
I'm fairly sure Captain Krueg's pet in "the Search for Spock" was a targ.
It was referred to as a "monster dog" in the script and during production. Looking at Memory Alpha, it appears that the first reference to a "targ" was in TNG. The films are quasi-counted on the notion that the "monster dog" and mastiff might be breeds of targ, but IMO that's BS: they're obviously physically not just completely different species, but different family. It'd be like assuming that real world dogs and cats were breeds of pig, because, y'know, humans keep both a domesticated animals.

I've never really understood the need to consolidate and conceptually inbreed overlapping elements that don't conflict with each other. It reduces realistic variety and makes the universe in question feel smaller and more stagnant . Star Wars does this a lot too.

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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
rabbit Season!
Duck Season!!!
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For the record, I don't have any issue with Epohhs, either as wildlife, as pets, or as original game creations.

As wildife:
Cool. We've got lots of alien world covered with their own flora, but no fauna. Reasons why are obvious: fauna take more dev time and system resources. It's nice to have some more around, so this is welcome. Backstory seems a bit cutesy-wutesy, but it's a big damn galaxy crammed to the ears with life, so it's not really unlikely, statistically, that something like that would exist somewhere.

As pets:
Sure, why not? Data kept a cat, Archer had a beagle, doesn't seem unlikely that there weren't other offscreen pets around, at lest in TNG era (on earlier ships it seems more likely it would be a single unofficial "ships mascot" sort of deal, but later ones were more... luxurious). Seems an unlikely sort of pet for a Klingon, but how easy is it to imagine Elaan of Troyius carrying around a little Paris Hilton dog?

As original creations:
Saw them running around on New Romulus. Couldn't make out much other than a ball of fur and three green eyes. They made me think of bugs for some reason, rather than dogs or cats. Seems okay, don't really see the alleged anime/asian connection. I have no problem with Cryptic adding new stuff to the Star Trek universe on principle. Given all the different worlds and freedoms in the game (and the need to add more with time). the game would get pretty samey if they were limited to only preexisting materials. Not to mention the problems of so many different worlds all across the galaxy, established and "new" alike, all conspicuously sharing the same "native" flora and fauna. Open world means they pretty much have to be free to create original stuff in order to properly flesh things out.
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Hunt Epohs, is for that I farmed my 4 toons and all their Boffs Omega and Maco MK XII, space and ground, first time in STO a real challenge for Skilled player, lolz S7
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Originally Posted by outlaw51825 View Post
Duck Season!!!
Or, as once put in an Elmer Fudd cartoon. "It's baseball season...."

*goes cuckoo and fires shotgun at baseball repeatedly*
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My beef is that a battle Targ should have been put in long ago. Heck they are already in game. How hard would it be for them to make it a combat pet?
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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
Epohhs. Little Martian doggies with fuzzy antennas with all of the appeal of a Paris Hilton chihuahua blinged in a handbag. How "precious".

KDF players have been asking for a meaningful pet like a targ and a targ breeding program for a long while. They have access to the Tribble research program which makes no sense as Tribbles are detested by Klingons and outlawed in KDF space.

But what do we get instead of Targs? Epohhs? Why? This makes little real sense.

Please develop Targs as a combat pet and a Handler Kit for KDF only.

that would be nice. i would love a targ combat pet and a pet slot next to devices.

ever since i came to play this game, its always puzzles me why do they keep
adding non combat pets, they are useless.

would be nice for non combat pets to go pick up loot, make them useful.

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