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I got to thinking about this...

I keep reading all the complaints that, when it comes to ships available in the game, Klingons are lagging far behind the Feds. The latest complaint I've read being related to the new Steam Starter Pack that included the special Steamrunner Blockade Runner ship; and yet the Klingons got what?


With all that in mind, I got to wondering...

Most of the ships in the game are related to, or based on, some other Ship that has either appeared in an Official Star Trek TV Series, Movie... or Book (Vesta)... With these, there have been countless variations on the Federation Ship portrayed. Some of them are new ship designs that are based on some other ship that was made famous during one particular scene... The Thunderchild Class for the Feds being an example here.

The Thunderchild Heavy Escort Refit in the Game, is a design named after a famous Akira Class ship, the USS Thunderchild, that was portrayed in Star Trek First Contact, featured during the battle sequence at the beginning of the movie when Star Fleet was battling the Borg Cube, before the Enterprise charged into the fray...

On the Klingon side we have the Somraw Class Raptor. An entire class of Klingon Raptor that is based on an actual ship, the IKS Somraw, that appeared in a Enterprise episode.

So with this in mind...

I got to wondering what OTHER ships are there out there, actual Klingon Ships that have been portrayed in Film, TV Series, or major book series... that are NOT currently in the Game; or are there any other "famous" Klingon ships portrayed in either that an entire new Class of ships cvould be named after?

Here's a few I thought of...

IKS T'Ong - Featured in the TNG episode that introduced Worf's mate, his son's mother; K'Ehleyr. How about a T'Ong Class of Ships in the Game? What could it be?

IKS Pagh - Featured in a TNG Episode, a Bird of Prey which Riker was transferred to as the first Star Fleet Officer to serve aboard a Klingon Ship! This ship was also famous for being the very first Bird of Prey to be featured on a TNG Episode. It was larger then the standard B'Rel class too... more along the lines of the K'Vort Class! How about a Pagh Class added to the Game?

IKS Koraga - Featured in DS9 Series, another K'Vort Class Bird of Prey! Perhaps a Koraga Class of ships can be added to the Game?

The K'Vort Class! Featured in the TNG and DS9 Series', an enlarged version of the B'Rel Bird of Prey, classified more as a Battle Cruiser! Heavy hitter, but less agile and slower then a Fed Galaxy Class.

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