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11-17-2012, 01:58 PM
I've run my big with a aux2batt build before. It's not the MOST efficient build out there, but I do think its viable. The build I ran had multiple spike sources on it when I was resulting tric mines and there lack of skill to use. While my dps numbers didn't look really high, my kill counts usually were thanks to BO's and tric spikes. (Tric mines are OP and I'm not advocating using them. My testing of them was on autofire to show how little skill it really takes to use them. After my second kill in the very first match I ran this layout in, I had ppl ******** about me using them) you could replace the mine with any mine or a torp spread out the back.


The reason for the 2x crf's is to keep a smoother cd of them. Aux2batt rotates kind of funky with only one and will create gaps with just one. Omega3 and delta will run back to back forever as will your two emergency powers. Use your tt and ET situationally for you or teammates. You will find as an escort having an ET pretty handy with the amount of disable abilities flying around. Not really sure why ppl are running EptA with aux2batt on dps builds when EptW boosts damage every time you use it for 5secs (including dem damage for dps cruisers) and keeps your weapon power closer to cap.

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