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11-17-2012, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by tequilla56 View Post
You are 100% correct.. The whole point of playing the game, is reach end game then grind things constantly to make the best character you can make. Obtain items that everyone else then desires as well.

I liked grinding STF's in the past. Would play (on days off) for up to 8 hours straight, just repeating the STF's and Fleet Actions. (hence I have contributed well over 1.5 million to my small fleet and have numerous MK XII equipment over several characters.).

I do think this new system has great potential and merit. But surely you have to admit it is currently unbalanced, and that is what puts people off more than anything.
I agree with this Leveling up and working for it, its what suppose to be fun and its fun. However people might react a big harsh because its feels a bit unbalanced.

I do like the new Rep. system and I hope they add more of those in Klingon etc. .. they need to add more STF (not just with Borg) etc.
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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
One member of my fleet, a lifetimer since day one, was grinding STFs since he hit VA 2 months after launch, and has NEVER managed to win an Mk XII piece.
Pretty easy to make that claim when no one can inspect your loadout. I think people were just pissed they couldn't grind for everything in a day like you could for EDC gear.

Let's face it. They took our whining, thought of a braindead way to "streamline" getting gear and then fed us a turd rolled in dStahl's poisoned sugar. I want to play to earn gear. Not stare at menus and timers.

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11-17-2012, 11:52 AM
Well the Maths is wrong. It will Take 60 days to lvl up to teir 5 at the 1day 16hrs per project. But yer I do agree about how long it will take to reap all the benifits of the new rep system. It won't take 2 years like the guy whom originally posted said.
It will take 11 months to reap the benifits. To aquire all pieces of the Borg retro Space Gear. MACO/Honour Gaurd Space & Ground Sets & the OMEGA Space & Ground sets. This maths doesn't include any Mk 12 weaponary or or any of the suposide new OMEGA Weapons space sets. If I included the Omega Space Weapons then 12months to Unlock every peice of the Sets. But again Maths to include any ground Weapons or any Gear that aint included in those sets.
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11-17-2012, 11:57 AM
The time required to complete the gear crafting projects should be drastically reduced, if not removed entirely.
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11-17-2012, 11:58 AM
I like the reputation system, u guys are looking at the item but ignoring the new skills we get each tier.

Anyways, I'm more concerned they nerfed the fleet actions and only want us to get dil from 5 bnp... wtf that's lame.
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I aint ignoring the skills we getting. there are some cool Skils. But crafting a set takes 4 days per set. Which takes time away from u getting Ur XP to gain a new teir. Maybe an hr per item to craft. not nearly 2 full days. LOL.
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11-17-2012, 01:06 PM
Maybe I'm looking at this wrong but could someone explain to me how this makes any sense.

For what use to be a mission reward now you have to:
a.) spend the time/dil/marks/stuff to get to rank one
b.) do a project that takes 1hr to "get" rank 1
c.) drop 500 marks, 15000 dil, stuff and wait 1d 16hr
d.) ???
e.) get your ex-mission reward (borg console)

This also knocks out of whack all this talk of "it takes x to get to rank 5 if you actually want to get anything along the way. But I digress...

I think somebody went a little crazy with their timers and supplies needed concept.

I did find it interesting that the amount of dil needed was exactly the amount you can refine in two days.

Somebody like me is kind of hosed by this mess. I am in a TINY fleet. like three of us. I recently came back to the game and have been dumping my dil and supplies (including breaking my banks buying supplies) trying to get some progress done with the starbase.

Just seems like they went a little crazy with some of the materials required and time gating.

Hopefully they will revisit the requirements for the gear "projects". And I'll have kittens if after I finish this project it only makes it available in the store and I then have to sink more time/money into actually purchasing it.

But whatever, I'll pay my monthly sub for a little longer I suppose. Or I'll get irritated with all these new timesinks/dil-sinks that atm I'm not overly fond of.

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11-17-2012, 03:14 PM
Lazy Bad Devs. I figured out what they done on the rep System. instead of making different times for projects. They went lazy hoping no 1 would notice that they copied the same template over & over again for all the Projects. Lazy, naughty, Devs.

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