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11-17-2012, 12:12 PM
Originally Posted by lordhook View Post
I agree!

But why still so many people playing?
notice hook that they aren't playing as much and some could be former subscribers unwilling to no pay for crap and have a hope that S7 is repealed.
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Originally Posted by shantay View Post
i totally subscribe to this post .Perfect World asian cash cow shop menatlity kicked in 1000%
No fun farm farm all day to get a tiny reward Pointless asian farming mentality gonna ruin this game and make people leave overtime.
I want to remind perfect world alot of people play this game because they are star trek fans and not some rich cows to be milked till they get bored and tired and leave.
-HARD TO MAKE EC-was in s6 also but now its even harder
-HARD TO MAKE DIL-totally ruined in s7 u have to spend 3-4h just to make the daily quota of 8k while of course cash shop prices are the same
-HARD to make omega/romulan reputation-easy now at tier 1 just wait and see tier 4-5
-TOTALLY STUPID SYSTEM TO GET GEAR-which wasnt a problem in s6 .only lazies could not get a set
-AN OVERALL HARD TIME TO PLAY THE GAME LIKE U LIKE IT-mostly have to work work work for hours on end with little reward- used to get in 1h what u get now in 10h+ if only u do that single activity

Basicly major SUCK just for the sake of squeezing more money out of paying customers.

Why stop there?! I'd like a full roll-back to season 1 so they can actually start fixing crap before they release it!
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11-17-2012, 12:37 PM
i cryed agian today all the fun gone replaced buy nothing but grind sign on and decide wich grind to do dilith grind omaga grind new romulan grind. used to be fun to do the stf what drop will i get? somthing for fleet bank? item me or a friend could realy use?? somthing to sell and get ec or dilith for? or the joy and pride of the tech drop and rushing to turn in and get the shiney new pice to complet my set??? now its just grind and wait days to see what i can spend my dwindleing suply of dilith on!!!!! in the words of Adam Sandler " whooopie f-ing dooo "
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11-17-2012, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by itslieutenantdan View Post
I can see Gene Roddenberry rolling in his grave now.
Rolling? He is spinning like a friggin propeller,
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I've been playing STO on and off since the Beta. I even purchased the Deluxe Digital Download package as soon as it was available and have spent quite a lot in-game, mostly on ships.

I've enjoyed exploring the Star Trek universe 'first hand' and have been impressed with the detail of space combat.

However, Season 7 has let me down. First, there's the glitches -- I can't play the new events because I get booted as soon as I enter, the dialogue boxes call me by the name of a shuttle I'm not even in, my Vesta's engines die in sector space after I use slipstream...

Then there's the increasing complexity of the game itself. Although I'm a long-term player, I'm also a casual player. I'm not a gamer (this is the only game I've played for any length of time) and I have a job and write in my spare time. All of this means that I enjoy dipping into STO when I can and don't want to have to feel like I'm falling way behind everybody else who is grinding for better equipment and weapons.

I'd only just got my head around the workings of the fleet system when this new reputation system was introduced. More grind, more currencies...

I must admit, the only thing I was looking forward to from Season 7 was the Vesta. I bought the multipack and played with different configurations in PVP and STF missions. I know others love the Vesta, but I found it to be a let-down. The hull is weak and that's not made up for by being able to equip dual cannons, because the turn rate isn't good enough to make full use of them. Plus, cannons that can run off of auxiliary power when the rest of your weapons can't seems a bit pointless.

PVP is the only part of the game that still interests me, and as a science captain who is not an expert gamer, that's pretty disappointing most of the time. Plus, trying to find a fleet with active PVPer members has proven difficult.

So I'm saying cheerio to STO. Thanks for the good times: the adventures, the exploration and the battles. I've fought many species from the Klingons to the Borg, I've defended starbases and discovered previously unexplored systems, but, in the end, I was beaten by glitches and profit-hungry developers.

This will be my final report to Star Fleet Command before resigning my commission.

Vice Admiral Bamol signing off.
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11-17-2012, 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
Why stop there?! I'd like a full roll-back to season 1 so they can actually start fixing crap before they release it!
Best post ever!
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11-17-2012, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by captainbrady View Post
Best post ever!
you forgot, of all time.

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