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Incoming rage post. Disregard if you have an issue with them.

PW, kindly back out of the US game market, and sell Cryptic back to Atarii, or someone else who won't impose an imperialist P2W/P2P monetary system on us.

The worst we ever got from Atarii was spectacularly sh-tty customer service.

Now we get that and
  • Endless marketing from the lock-box lottery system
  • $50 ships that perform similarly or worse than 750-1500z ships
  • 70+ day timegate grinds
  • nearly-forced pay-ins to advance through dilithium centric end-game content difficulty tiers
  • a sh-tty rep system
  • a terrible F2P matrix and mentality
  • whole plethora of other game-breaking bugs, bad decisions, and player-walls.

Pay 2 Win, and Pay 2 Progress mindsets just make the player base really unhappy at you, not to mention start hemmoraging off.

Sure you can make a living from the people with fat wallets, but making many small optional transactions usually is more profitable than relying on several large required ones.

Cryptic's C-Store was profitable before you guys stepped in. Atarii was just stupid and bankrupting, selling assets because they had to. I'd rather take their antics over yours though.

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