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I hit Tier one in both rep system this morning and while I wasn't planning on getting anything til I can get MK XII, I did notice that there is no way to preview the items in the store until after you do the unlock project. (and maybe not even then, I have no way to know)

I am pretty fond so far of season 7 changes (unlike a lot of people) but it seems crazy that I would spend a grip of marks to unlock the ability to buy an item if I have no way to preview it's statistics.

SOLUTION: Very simple. Put a "details" button on each store unlock that will preview the statistics of every item you would be able to buy.



While working on gaining Tier One Rep unlock, I had the "upgrade" available that turns five neural processors into 1000 Dilithium. "Pretty cool," I thoughy and ran the project once, then started another one. Having saved up a grip of Omega Marks already, I took a break from STF while letting the timers cycle. Since it seems Romulan Marks are awarded in significantly smaller amount per event I concentrated on those, as well as Fleet Actions, since I will need to earn those ECs for Weather Control Systems etc. for the rep projects.

2 AM This Morning and I still had an hour to wait to unlock Tier One. Extremely excited about the new passives I would be getting I set an alarm for 3 AM. Woke up and got ready to choose a passive and ... lo and behold ... I have to run an UPGRADE PROJECT to unlock the rep tier, only I can't because I have an unfinished processor to diltih project in the way. When I loaded the dilith project, no warning was given that it would impede my progress.


Every player in the game should be sent a quick in game mail, or see a pop up they must click on, explaining that the dilithium project and the tier unlocks are BOTH done in the ONE upgrade slot available.

Other than these issues and the fact that for some reason completion of an Elite STF give 60 Marks base and the average seems to be less than half that for the Romulan Missions, I truly do like Season Seven, even though for those who started STFs before the rollout it may be a pain to seemingly start over.

P.S. (Still trying to figure out why Starfleet and the Empire are asking captains to give supplies from pocket to help these causes, but that's just a whole different topic and clearly just a coin sink, which is understandable.)

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