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# 1 Ship Type Balance... Hangars.
11-17-2012, 08:15 PM
For quite a long time now, DPS has been the effective King of Games, at least in STO. May the STF Fairies have mercy on your soul if you're not a Tactical officer specced into a DP-Escort. This is partially due to the fact that, really, no other ship is quite as effective. Even done PROPERLY, tanks have the equivalent firepower of a pellet rifle, and science vessels aren't much better off. They don't have the damage to be really effective, and their niche rolls are far too niche (tanks can't even really tank, an Elite Cube will still eat you alive and spit out the redshirts, and science vessels with stopping power are only useful for half of each STF). Overall, if you don't mind exploding a little (Escorts can even avoid this much of the time; but, if they don't it means nothing, there's no really threatening death penalty in this game), you go for a DP-Escort.

I don't like that. Not that DP-Escorts aren't fun, but there needs to be VARIETY in play styles. Other ships and builds need an edge, a buff. The Vesta is the perfect example of what that buff is, and it's not hard to conceive... it has a hangar.

So, what I have is really quite simple: If a ship is not a small craft, an Escort, or a Bird-of-Prey, it gets a hangar. Science Vessels/Raptors get one, Cruisers get two, and existing carriers get double what they have (except the Armitage - It only gets one more slot. It always felt like a half-cruiser half-Escort, especially since it has a Lt. Cmdr. Engineering slot and 4 Tac/3 Eng for consoles). This means that ships with a decent turn rate and damage potential get a smaller damage/control boosts, and those ships with horrible turn rates and all the damage of throwing bologna at an M1-A1 Abrams get more support craft. Meanwhile, existing carriers can make up for their utter lack of damage with small armies of fighters (up to 24). This means ships without damage get damage, and those ships WITH damage don't dominate the field like a Snorlax sitting in the middle of a road. This would be explained very easily: Science Vessels have only ever had one shuttlebay, whereas cruisers have several.

And, for those of you that are reading this and screaming "The Vesta Hangar is supposed to be SPECIAL," the simple fact of the matter is, the Vesta is special already. It has the fastest Slipstream, DHCs that don't use weapon power, AoE heals, super-phasers, Torpedo Feedback Pulse, 10 Console Slots each, and a mother-loving PERFECT SHIELD. That little runt of a Sovereign is special enough without being the only Science Vessel with a hangar. This is the best way, short of nerfing DPS to hell and creation, of balancing ship types.
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