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# 1 Sci long time bug
11-17-2012, 10:06 PM
For a while now i have noticed that Nanoprobe Investation, and Fuse armor have forced the Nanite health Monitor buff from sci gets to be used up 'even' if it's nowhere near 75% or lower health.
With the release of Season 7 it has become clear that now Fire On My Mark (Tactical career ability) And Smoke grenade are not doing the exact same thing.
A) If Nanoprobes at all get on to you via another player or the debuff being used on you it forces all 3 charges to be used 'even' if you are NOT taking damage.
B) Although fuse Armor does however do damage when it's active on a player it still does force all 3 charges to be applied before health drops below 75%
C) The smoke grenade (From some tactical kits) now does the same effect. If you are in contact with the smoke the charges will be applied weather you are being attacked or not.
D) If Fire On My Mark is used on you and have Nanite Health Monitor up it will force all charges to be Applied

Please Cryptic fix this issue as it is unfair for Science Career player's

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