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# 1 Carrier pets with set bonuses
11-18-2012, 01:56 AM
With most carriers requiring to be bought with currency I figured to ask which of you would pay for carrier pets that have set bonuses whether from c store, lobi, lock box rewards, or just plain old dilithium.

As well all know, facilities that focus on something singular tend to become quite efficient at such. Factories specializing in manufacturing cars are more efficient at it then other factories in general as they would have equipment and customization tuned to that specific product's production. In world war two, aircraft carriers themselves became more efficient at housing and launching specific aircraft as customizations were made such as foldable wings and such as well. So then, if dad did it, why can't we?

Basically the set bonuses would be 2 piece set bonuses for equipping the same type of carrier pet. For example, a carrier equipped with two bays of fighters would get a two piece set bonus from the fighters that give the fighters 10% or so faster launch time, stats, damage output, cooldown, any small bonus works really. This shows that since the carrier is equipped with only one specific pet type, the engineers onboard have tuned and customized the hangars to handle them more efficiently and/or craft themselves.

With the two carrier pet set bonus working as such carriers with one bay of one pet while the other has a different type of pet would be unaffected; ships with a single carrier bay would also be unaffected since the set bonus requires two of the same pet.

I believe this would reward full fledged carrier players whom are focused on a specific build or role with further customization and bonuses while also giving further distinction between ships with 2 carrier bays and ships with only one. However, the set bonuses being small such as the range I suggested above would also not affect the lure of mixing pets or single hangar ships.

Not exactly a game changing suggestion, but I am curious as to what the rest of you think of this idea and whether or not you would pay for such, as well as what you would pay for it if so.

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