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Now that Season Seven is up and running and I personally LOVE it, I feel the overwhelming need to complain about the one thing I still can't stand about STO and Cryptic games in general. The looting system ... need -vs- greed.

I know, I know, I have posted this before and so have many others but it seems to get ignored, so I have resolved to post about it over and over again (not really, OK maybe) until someone gives me one good reason NOT to change it.

First let me restate what I feel the problem is:

The current system IMO really interferes with gameplay. Even when set on autoloot, the game still requires me to actually stop what I am doing to click the "take items" button. Seriously, is there any loot I do NOT want? Even the crappy Cordrazine hypos from STF sell for 320 credits. Why would I NOT want ECs? THEN, after I stop what I am doing to click on "take items" EVERYONE IN THE TEAM has to respond to the need -vs- greed prompt or lose out on the loot.

Let's review here:

Kill one borg. In a five man team, six total clicks are required to get the loot resolved. In the time it takes to do that I could easily kill another borg.

Killing borg = FUN FUN FUN!!!!!
Clicking prompts = NO FUN!

Then there is the issue of the need -vs- greed concept in the first place. Does anyone click GREED? Need is the first button and TBH I am clicking that as fast as I can to make it go away so I can see the borg I am trying to target that is now blocked from view by the NVG prompt.

Seriously ... does anyone actually stop, consider the loot and then say to themselves, "Hmm, a Purple MK XI Phaser Relay ... well, I already have enough of those and maybe Bob The Vulcan needs it more than me so I think I will click greed."

I do not believe this ever happens. It certainly doesn't ever happen in a PuG.

Most likely EVERYONE is doing exactly the same thing as I am ... clicking as fast as they can to make it go away.

NONE of the other games I have played that weren't made on this same engine require ANY action at all to pick up loot once you are set to autoloot. In every case, the loot simply goes randomly to a member of the group, or is set to go to whoever picks it up. Usually the team leader chooses which will happen.


This is my challenge to Cryptic Devs:

1. Roll out a test patch to the test server in which true autolooting with true random distribution happens.

2. Have a group of skilled players run IGE.


4. Repeat enough times to get a true representation of the time it takes to complete the run.

5. Do the same thing with need -vs- greed enabled.

I will be truly amazed if the elimination of need -vs- greed doesn't shave off 5-10% of the total time to complete the mission.

6. Ask the playtesters which they like better.

I will truly amazed if they don't OVERWHELMINGLY prefer the version without need -vs- greed.

This game has such an amazing play style. Whether in space or on the ground it's action packed bordering on frenzied. Incredible dynamics exist that are totally lacking from other games, like having to actualy have line of site to your target, rather than being able to shoot through walls and other nonsense that plagues other games. WHY SLOW IT DOWN?

DOES ANYONE AT ALL DISAGREE AND ACTUALLY THINK THE CURRENT SYSTEM IS AWESOME? If so please respectfully post your reason, because I can;t find one, unless you think that MMO gamers exist that actually are generous enough to give you the loot because they simply don't need more ECS.

Thank youfor your consideration, and again great work on Season Seven!!!

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