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11-18-2012, 04:56 AM
i have the cloak and found myself switching it out for theta radiation to help slow down those pesky nanite spheres etc. cloak is prity useless in PVE personally. it is kinda handy in PVP which to be honest doesn't really exist anymore so no complaints really. have to say though if PVP took off big time and open sector PVP became a reality a battle cloak would be good. Theirs not much defence against an enemy that basically focuses all attacks on a single ship and flies away cloaked to re-heal and repeat over and over again. yes theirs mines and other things but really it gets annoying after a while. kinda ruines PVP for the feds. I know the klinks dont get much their way but it does destroy PVP a little. Maybe some day we can all dream of an equal klingon empire to the feds. where both sides are fully fleshed out and combat is fair and fun. maybe then things will change. till then i doubt any change will occur.
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