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11-18-2012, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
with respect, my kar'fi does it's fair share of damage on its own. without the adv frigates, it can do 5-6k. with the frigates, it does 10-11k. i don't have the exact numbers. i must state that my kar'fi is fully geared and is a specialty build. so i am an outlier. much like the escort that can bang out 11k dps on his own, or the dps tank cruiser.

any idiot can step into an escort and bang out 6-7k dps. learning to fly the other craft takes time and skill. you won't be doing amazing burst damage, but you'll be playing a role that needs to be played. a good pvp team does not merely consist of all tac/escorts. they have a variety. so before you go and try to cop out the easy way, hoping these little fighters and whatnot do your work for you, why not re-assess your build to see if you can juice it up further? if you want hanger slots, fly a carrier.
Yea, about that... before I even FINISHED my build, before we even knew the Chimera existed... with only APO3, APA, TT, C:RF2 and T:HY2, I was getting 22k. Without those, I'm STILL getting over 10k. Fully buffed, I can probably get near 30k now (especially now that I have the Chimera, with its Spinal Lance FAW).

Originally Posted by somrik View Post
Now Now I think he has a point. Escorts can do their cycle and go "What enemies?" but Carriers and the like have a bit more survivability than Escorts do.

That said I do like the expanded hanger slots.

Though I would say Existing Carriers expand to one more slot(for a total of 3 not 4). All else gets a hanger that can equip shuttles or To'Duj fighters(Klingons.) I cant see science or cruisers on the fed side carrying fighters as much as that would make sense gameplay wise. Shuttles are already pretty strong in their own right.

The extra Carrier slot would also only be able to equip small craft(Shuttles/Fighters). My B'rel and B'rolth already chew up enemies adding 4 more to that would just make it a virtually unstoppable juggernaut.

How to balance that with the Atrox's 2(3 with the proposed change) bays I would know. You already habve 12 stalkers. Adding another bay you'll have 18 fighters. They dont do much damage but its a death by a thousand cuts(that plus the thoron does about 2-3k at least thats what I see on teh Nanite generators)

And just as an aside not so serious suggestion:

Do you think FEDs should get a frigate equivalent to launch? Klinks get BoPs and Karfi Frigates. Should Feds get something like that? What would even be? Whats the equivalent?

A defiant?(Lol say hello to 4 defiants coming at you.)

Maybe just Sabers.

I dunno.
I actually considered just going with 3, not long after I posted this. Fact is, xsharpex's premise may be flawed, but he has a decent point. So many fighters MIGHT be a bit powerful.
As for Fed Frigate pets... I don't think so. Defiants (and even Mirandas) are a LITTLE big for hangar pets. I'd say, if you wanted something like that, launch Aquarius Destroyers. They're small enough to be more believable, and they've got good damage.
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