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# 1 Death penalty ascending timer
11-18-2012, 11:36 AM
When this timer first came out, I was ok with it because it forced people to work on their builds. They couldn't just keep getting blown up and come right back and generally it has been a good thing. However, with the new STF's and the Borg able to one-shot a nicely set up ship, the ascending timer is starting to seem very unfair. I don't want to see the timer go away forever everywhere, but maybe suspend it for a time in the new STF's.
The timer isn't just irritating for the person continually waiting to respawn, but also for the other players that need to make up for the missing man. I like that it's more challenging, but I'm starting to wonder why I'm playing these missions anyway when the rewards are (currently) anemic and the punishments are excessive.

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