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11-18-2012, 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
Do you come to the official STO forums to discuss various issues regarding the state of PvP? Or are you one of those types of folks who really just enjoy picking on the Devs?

What brings you to these forums?

It's a simple question (and one that doesn't violate any forum rules) regarding the mind set of an admittedly small but, I feel, misrepresented player base. PvPers. Certainly there are things to be frustrated about but do you come here to discuss those things in an attempt to make it better or do you just enjoy bad mouthing people?

I think for the most part we genuinely care about how this game does. While some folks could certainly learn to be more tactful, I find it hard to believe that anyone actually wastes their time here for the sake of bashing the development team.

What about you?
I come to the forums to readup about any changes or to see if people have any questions that I can hopefully help with. With the abundance of PvPers knowing what they're doing, it's difficult to give someone an answer because the little forums junkies like dontdrunk seem to always get in first

I does make me annoyed to see people bashing the devs about the job they're doing, or making 'QQWAHWAH' threads. Recently I was REALLLLY annoyed when all those MWO threads were made, then the people were actually trying to justify why they were doing it...

I'm not gonna lie, I can be a bit of an a$$ on these forums when something I see rubs me the wrong way, and I'm gonna say what I wanna say to that person whether or not it's the general consensus on the issue.

This forum should be about discussing PvP, not gang attacking devs when something doesn't go your way

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