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# 1 Need Help Choosing a New Ship
11-18-2012, 04:20 PM

So as it happens on rare occasions, my Zen stipend has grown large enough to purchase one of the $25 C-Store ships. But I find myself having difficulty choosing which ship would best benefit my captains. This internal debate has caused me to question whether the my current ship choices are ideal or not for my current captains. So I turn to you, my peers for advice on who should be flying what and how best to maximize their builds.

Oh course, it would help you to know who my captains are and what ships I already have at my disposal.

My Captains
Tactical Captain
Currently Ship:
Heavy Escort Carrier
Demetha is my first and oldest character dating back to Headstart. Most of my has been built around minimizing his defensive weaknesses. So when the T5 Akira (my favorite class of ship) was released as a tanky escort, I could have been happier. Still he's been in a number of ships over the years, from the Defiant up to the Odyssey and he was able to be effective if not optimized.

Engineering Captain
Current Ship:
Chimera Destroyer
Starbuck is my up and coming engineer and may even replace Demetha as my main. He is my choice to take into STFs and at least on normal difficulty he's done well. Still I haven't done any elite STFs yet and I don't know how he'll do under extreme pressure.

I know a lot of people consider this ship mediocre. Still I've grown attached to some of the unique possibilities of this ship. Currently I tend run it with: Cmd. Tactical, Lt. Cmd. and Lt. Science, Lt. and Ens. Engineering. This not only gives me Access to high end Tactical, but plenty of science abilities such as Gravity Well, and a health dose of Engineering abilities for shield/hull healing. Plus the ability to bounce between Tac and Recon mode allows me to adapt to the situation. It's not of ship of great strength, it's a ship of few weaknesses. Still I occasionally question whether I should put him back into a cruiser and build more as a true tank

Science Captain
Current Ship:
Multi-Vector Advanced Escort
Of all my VA captains, she's the one I have the hardest time with, mostly because a debuff/healer isn't a class I usually play in MMOs. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to change that, but I'll need to figure her out first. She's flying the MVAE mostly as a hand me down from Demetha after he moved on to the Akira. I've always toyed with taking her back to a true science ship, but I always felt ineffective.
So those are my three Vice Admirals. In addition to the ships mentioned here, I also recently picked up the Steamrunner and each of my captains grabbed the base Odyssey during last years Anniversary event. Tiana and Demetha also have the T5 Intrepid and Defiant respectively, and Starbuck still has his VA token.

So that brings me to my dilemma. Who would be better in a different ship and who would benefit most from an entirely new ship. Right now I'm looking at the Tac Oddysey, the Regent or maybe one of the new Vestas.

So, what are your thoughts?


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