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11-18-2012, 06:22 PM
Greed has taken over for the model for this game/company..i give this game about another year before it is played out and gone.
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11-18-2012, 06:45 PM
It really isn't greed per-se that is the issue here. It's the short-term mentality that is disturbing, as well as the bugs noted in Playtest that followed right on over to Live instead of being addressed.

(that, and losing ALL the Foundry content, having previously-earned-but-not-cashed in loot taken away and held for extortio-I mean, until you've dumped resources into the tacked-on Rep system..)

if the choice were grind, OR Pay, (either/or) then the post referencing 'freeloaders' would make some sense...but that's not what it is-it's 'Grind AND pay'-mostly for things you already had before they were taken from you (like Borg procs on the borg weapons you were generously allowed to retain before the change over, or the plasma resistance your legacy gear no longer provides...)

LONG Haul thinking would have seen the Rep system and New Romulus/Tau Dewa set up for mid-level characters as a branch, deviating from the strictly linear progression we currently have to L50, with the ability for NEW toons to work the Rep system and become more competitive (thus, incentivising L50 Player characters to work-in-a-rush to keep up or maintain an advantage over the up-and-comers).

This would be "Long Term" thinking, because it would sweeten the deal for new players while not punishing current ones.

Season 7 is all punishment, a time-grind and resource drain soured with a sense of extortion that was articulated not only on the commentary in the blog that introduced it, but in the Tribble testing responses when it was being 'tested'.

There are good things with Season 7-but they're all set like a mushroom cap.

Imagine an STO where, sure you can level a toon with Mirror and SB24 in three days, but not only do you miss out on content and gear drops, but you also will be a "Level 50" with LESS ABILITY than the guy who worked his way up a storyline tree from level 20, where identical starting toons could end up with radically different progressions, each as valid as the other, based on whether they went Omega, OR Romulan directions? An STO where the best Foundry content (in keeping with the EULA) got adapted into faction missions connected to existing missions, creating a multibranched tree, instead of a linear rail-road with a mushroom cap at the end?
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11-18-2012, 06:53 PM
When they throw a blog out to explain or excuse what they are doing but don't want to discuss it, it feels sort of odd.
Like they want our positive feedback but not our input...

Like either you engage in communcation or you don't. Don't pretend you are being open when you refuse to give information, such as the convertion rate or the actual reason for killing stf.

What is the spock quote in the new cutscene again about truth and openness and deals made in backrooms?

Either give us the real explation or tell us we just have to live with it but pick one.

I think the fear of open debate does resemble some types of government but there isn't anyone here who isn't free to flee the country if they want so no, that's not the feeling I get.

I feel they have priorities very different from ours is all.

They could have come out and said we have this large group of people over earning on stf and another large group that doesn't play enough stf.
We need to find a way to balance the two into an equal system where everyone has to spend the same time and has an equal oppertunity (plus minus whatever else).
Yes, we will be taking from some of you but it's necessary for those who don't have a lot.
Then hey, that would explain it.

Just don't come out and say you are doing me a favour when we both know that wasn't your priority. I am not saving "up to 60%" of my time by getting old items locked up.
Please don't do me anymore favours lmao

But it's also funny like that because when they don't give us any kind of reasoning, whatever we debate, we won't know what we are talking about because it's not the real reason.

So it's also a comfort shield to always be able to rationalize "you don't know what's going on", so they can do whatever.

I am a proud pure f2p myself, so I take them exactly as seriously as they take me, I expect nothing and I give nothing, but for the people who invest cash into this here project I think some influence on the path of the game would be only fair.
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11-18-2012, 07:38 PM
This has been a unique experiment, I shall catalog all data and bring up some points in my next Paper meet.

I wonder how the mentality of the STO forums will shift in 2 weeks.

I can use this thread as a benchmark....now I must ask a Moderator Close this Thread.
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11-18-2012, 08:09 PM
I tend to think a bigger contributor to the oppressing feeling is coming from the community itself.

As an example we currently have a particular poster here who is going from thread to thread, saying the same thing, for the sole purpose of harassing and belittling a fellow players opinion. This person doesn't like the fact that his fellow player complained and has taken it upon himself to do his best to push that player right out of the game.

That's just one current example, there have been others that will harass their fellow players for having a dissenting opinion, ignoring any actual issues those players have and dragging threads down into flamefests purposely just so they end up getting locked.
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11-18-2012, 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by daedalus304 View Post
Anyone else getting the Dictatorship feeling?

*EDIT* maybe its a little strong to say Dictator here on the forums...but It still feels like a template in game that screams "U NO PAY U NO PLAY"
Bwa! Ha! Ha!
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