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The Dogs of Kahless is a group of friends that met playing Elite STFs. With S7 out we have decided to expand and are willing to accept anybody who wishes to be in a fleet without any prejudices. We won't kick anybody for being offline for extended periods of time. The top members of the fleet are skilled in all elite STFs and are willing to help others in any way possible. We help each other with getting marks of all types, eve on other toons. We even have a cross-faction chat channel, mostly used for private PvE matchmaking and friendly conversation usually involving the game itself. Fleet Ship Provisioning will be easy for new members to get; one of the Elite Commanders will promote you so you can buy a ship.

If you want to join send mail to @zannaflhiem. If you do not get a reply in 12 hours, then send mail to either @captainedwards09 or @ruinsfate.

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