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11-19-2012, 03:28 AM
The most ironic is that the reputation system actually damage the reputation of STO. When you are in business, Cryptic you are making players not happy and it is very hard to gain back reputation now, players just don't trust you anymore. You might return some dilithium, but last week my fleet lost 14 active friends, they all said they never want to play Star Trek Online anymore and it makes me want to quit now. bye.
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12-01-2012, 06:43 AM
I've been playing STO since Beta... I was following the development of this game even before Craptyc got its hands on it.

I also bought one lifetime subscription of the first batch... supposedly only 200 subscriptions . I did it even before the game was released. With the best Digital Edition of the game, of course. Somewhere close to ?300.

I've also bought Zen (C-Points) and spend a good amount of money in the store, I have bought a lot of ships and other stuff.

I've also quitted the game several times... for months.

The reason why I always come back is... I'm a trek fan and I have a LTS. The reason why I always end up quitting the game... there are so many reasons I don't even know where to start.

My opinion about Season 7: Worst Season ever released. Period. I'm most probably quitting again. You've killed all the fun. I'll tell you the impact i've seen since release: Fleet roster is empty, hardcore players are not logging for more time than needed for boffs asignments and get enough marks to start reputation projects... they're doing that until tier 5, next season or total boredom.
Casual players... they usually play on weekends and maybe one day during the week (they usually use the weekends to "catch up" with the others). Casual players are just quitting the game... there's no way they're going to log in daily to click some projects... no, it won't happen. Never will. This is a game, not an obligation. Casual players and daily timers just don't mix well. Unfortunately for Craptyc, these are usually the ones who spend real money in the game. The "daily players" are usually the ones playing almost, if not entirely "for free". Nobody is going to put any money into a game they know they will always play at a disadvantage just because they don't log in daily, so the casuals are quitting or simply not putting more money into the game. Great Move, Craptyc!!!

One time and resources sink is ok, two is bearable,... now we have Doff Asignments, Fleet Starbase, Fleet Embassy, Omega reputation, Romulan reputation... people just don't care anymore about ANY of them... they're not fun, they can't be. People are just doing reputation projects (daily players) or none. And no matter how good are the rewards you put in those systems... they're boring timers you click to slow down a boring grind. We want to play, we want to use our ships and our ground gear. Besides all that, New Romulus is BORING, it is a GRIND FEST, with stupid grinding missions and no real content at all (epoohs??? really???? didn't we already have stupid pets???Tribbles???). Real content is not a big map with lots of no-brain-required grind missions. GOT THAT CRYPTIC???

What S7 has brought is doom to small fleets and the big ones have become just a place to get in and get the fleet stuff, that's all. It has destroyed STFs (just log in and check). It has destroyed casual gaming. It has introduced boring. time consuming systems. It has made the hardcore players get bored because there is no new real content. It has destroyed the ability for players to have alt chars AND alt ships and setups.

To put it simply: Season 7 has destroyed the fun of playing the game and it is a slap in the face to all kinds of players... it benefits no one... except PWE finances and I really hope you feel a big drop in your benefits from this game after what you've done. Maybe that way you'll understand what you're doing to the game.
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12-06-2012, 07:20 AM
I just had to say how good the New Expansion looks. The Ambient sound effects, the little visual touches like dusts storms and swirling leaves, splashing water and other small effects that bring a zone to life visually and audibly.

Very good job.

I look forward to what effects you can all bring to Season 8's KDF content. (nudge nudge wink wink, say no more say no more)
Richard Hamilton (1975-2014)
goodbye good friend. We will see you in the DMZ in the sky oneday, save a shot for us.

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