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# 1 About Diplomatic Immunity
11-19-2012, 05:56 AM
I have been working hard on my Diplomatic Duty Officer missions so I could reach rank 3 and get the Diplomatic Immunity buff, mainly because I wanted to use it to get through Sector Space faster. However I was recently informed that you cannot use your Diplomatic Immunity to buff yourself with the Sector Space speed increase and can ONLY get it if someone else uses it on you, so until I knew this, I was happy to go from Sector to Sector to pick up Diplomatic missions, but now I am not so happy doing it because doing them just seems pointless now. I wanted the ability so I could use it on myself without having to WAIT for someone else to use it on me which sometimes takes a while. If we need to get someplace and do not want to freaken wait for the buff to be used on us then we SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WAIT. We should be able to use this buff on ourselves so we do not have to sit there in space waiting for someone to buff us.

If this was an attempt at getting people to be more sociable then its really a pointless thing, and the reason its pointless is because there will ALWAYS be people who will need the buff because NOT EVERYONE has gotten that far into Diplomacy so people will need to share the buff anyways.

Simply put Cryptic/PWE you need to fix this so that we can use the Diplomatic Immunity buff on ourselves as well as other people, until then I really do not see the point in doing the Diplomacy Missions other then getting the ability then waiting for the day we can finally use it on ourselves instead of having to wait on other people. Also lets face it, not everyone is always going to be as sociable as you want them to be which is why some people are left waiting there in space to get the buff, so fix it so we can use it on ourselves.....

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