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07-30-2009, 09:17 PM
First off, I want to again give you Kudos on this format. I think it is well framed, provides information, and helps put everyone one the same page. Well done.
  1. Over all, is Ground Combat about 'Mitigating (absorbing)' hits, or is it about taking cover and avoiding hits? Are we going to see toons just standing in the open taking 10 hits, and still be alive, or will it be more like standing in the open gets you hit 4 times and your Incapacitated/Dead?
  2. How many Hits can an Unshielded Player take? 1,2, 10? How many hits are shields going to basically absorb (ie noob shield = 1, End game shield = 10?)?
  3. In space, you have said that a Group of Tier 1 ships can defeat a single Tier 4 ship. Will this pattern apply to ground combat as well (ie 8 Tier 1 players can defeat 1 Tier 3 player in ground combat)?
  4. HEALING - Is this ranged (aka Healing spell or healing beams) or is it 'Melee' (aka Doctors must get next to the player to administer a hypo spray)?
  5. Will different races have different 'resistances'? Ie a Gorn can take more hits than say a Human?
  6. Will there be some sort of 'Cover System'? Ie standing behind a crate or a wall offers significant advantages to standing in an open field? Will it be significant to dissuade people from simply standing in the open shooting (like SWG)?
  7. You previously had mentioned that Ground combat was 'faster paced'. Can you explain this more/provide examples? How long will say a typical encounter last?
  8. Will Range be 'nerfed' to give melee a chance, or will Melee be secondary tool of opportunity -- aka you don't bring a Batleth to a phaser fight in an open area, but you do bring it to a close quarters environment, like twisting corridors?
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07-30-2009, 09:43 PM
Do away missions give you the ability to roam freely around the planet you have beamed onto, similar to wandering around the world in WoW or Lineage? Or are away missions more tightly restrained areas similar to dungeons or instances?

Is your version of ground combat closer to WoW (being largely cooldown based) or more akin to Mass Effect (Being more arcady run and gun?)
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07-30-2009, 09:46 PM
This was probably the best info from Ask Cryptic I've ever seen. I'm glad they realize that all the previous Ask Cryptic sessions lacked focus and didn't really get a lot of information out. Only the last one was any good because it focused so much on space combat (firing arcs and whatnot). Please continue to have a focused area to talk about each time you do this. It's great!
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07-30-2009, 09:54 PM
On average, how long will a ground battle (shoot out) last between two 5 man parties? Is it comparable to the length of a starship to starship battle?
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07-30-2009, 09:55 PM
I am slightly worried about the description that PC Gamer EU stated in their interview of their ground combat. They refered to it as being unpolished and requiring more work, from what I heard. Forgive me for hearing it secondhand.

However, understanding that in this phase alot is ephemeral, how close to the 'final' was the build that was previewed, and are you taking steps to correct, rework, or tweak the gameplay based on their impressions or imput?

I say I am worried, because I find that testers and previewers from the major news outlets tend to have alot of experience in variety and the level of play, and if the previewers saw something that needs to be reworked or tweaked, I'd much rather be sure you are aware of it.

Oh, and if a crew member 'dies' what happens? Do they revive, or beamed out and healed? Or are they down for the count.

Also, can you pull out in the middle of a battle, reform and reengage, or will they be 'you make it or you lose' scenarios?

Edit: Perhaps unpolished is not the correct word. I understand that the state of the build now is 'unpolished' as a rule. However they did mention the space combat in good light, while not the ground combat. It is that imbalance between the aspects of the game that I noticed.
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07-30-2009, 10:10 PM
I want to ask a question thats been asked several times, but I want to make sure its answered.

Will missions that could end in ground combat have other ways of ending it other than combat, such as diplomacy?

I would like to be able to research a species, and engage in dialog with them, and depending on how the dialog goes, determents weather you fight it out, trade, or use the art of diplomacy and chat your way out of a tight spot.

(I would be trying to talk myself out of every situation I could, like a true star fleet captain. Though thats not always possible)

thanks for taking the time to read these, and I do hope you answer my question.
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07-30-2009, 10:28 PM
1. Why the decision to have the captain lead all away teams? From the Memory Alpha away team article: "Starfleet regulations, specifically Starfleet Code Section 12, Paragraph 4, prohibit the captain from joining away missions." and "the first officer usually forms and leads the away team". Why don't we just take the role of the first officer on away missions?

2. All indications so far point to a traditional "roll the dice"/click on a target and auto-attack ground combat system. Is that accurate or will it be manual aim and attack? If my inference is accurate, why did you decide to go that way with newer MMORPG's such as Fallen Earth, Darkfall, and Mortal Online going with a more interactive and faster paced system?

3. A variation on a question a number of people have already posed, what role will cover play? Will you just shoot through obstacles like in many current RPGs? Will we have big floaty name tags that will give away our position or will we be able to use natural cover and concealment in the environment to our advantage?
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07-30-2009, 10:44 PM
1.Why not just outline your classes and the ability sets on the website so people can better understand what your talking about?

Engineering> sub sets
Science>sub sets

Ive had more trouble putting together information for an overall picture of this game than any other mmorpg in dev right now due to bits and pieces of information instead of a general overview on whats available. After a year in dev we should have some set guidelines of what your shooting for at the very least.

2. Since we are talking about ground combat, again, please elaborate more on physical stats, ability stats, armor properties and weapon damage bases and tell us more about how these vary with different species IE klingon, human, vulcan, andorian, thollian ect or have you taken a more generic approach to species and how all of this combined effects each players combat experience in the game.

3. Would you please for the love of Trek, get a fansite kit out.

4.Can players beam out of combat? This was on the shows and was done frequently. Example, say Im fighting a group of borg drones, my health gets low, im not able to heal, may I beam aboard my ship and will the npcs beam aboard theirs to pursue the encounter in space?

5.What is the aggro radius and pursuit distance on the ground?

6.You say there is going to be melee and ranged combat, will there be combination attacks ie, high, low, medium damage and how wil lthese vary according to abilities?
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07-30-2009, 10:47 PM
Will there be ground pvp combat?

Is phaser or weapons for that matter on auto fire, or how does it work, do you press a mouse button or what?

And about kits, can any scince officer equipe advance scince kits? or do you have some sorts of" talents" ( im reffering to the wow talent tree) that you need to build up in order to equpe a kit, and if so are your choices in that tree written in stone or can you reset them?

Will you be able to beam down to every planet in the game 8 exept gas giants and such)? im mean can you be down to the planets that are procedually generated or only the ones precreated by you?
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07-30-2009, 10:54 PM
From the play demo in another article it sounds like there's no auto attack, there's some sort of talent system (high level tactical will have access to special ops for example), and choices? Who knows.

Don't quote me on that.

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