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30 times... Yea 30 times tried to join gorn minefield action...

Damnit map kicked all time...Because why? Fcin map has no quene list.Just invite instant to all quenes and if map is full kicking u.They r not have like STF missions quene sysytem.At that missions u have to wait other players.But these maps are not making quene list and kick u off..

This is not a just a bug.This is huge bug.And we r still waiting since days to fix that bug.why r u all doing nothing...Why waiting for regular maintenance?If u r really care to players-customers that should be fixed till now...
Whole gear-dilithium reward missions quenes are bugged.Space and ground.
Its a malfunction and still doing nothing.

Also I did only 2 times fcin mirror event on 1 hour.That map is fcin bugged too.

Change the name of game to : STAR BUGGED ONLINE.
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11-19-2012, 10:09 AM
30 times with the same results? LOL. I'd like to run some behavioral experiments with you. How do you feel about pecking on a button for M&M treats?
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