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Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
IF you are a Tactical Captain and IF you use the Tactical Odyssey and IF you get the full bundle then the Odyssey is way ahead of the Dreadnaught. There is no real comparison. It tanks better, deals more damage, can turn better, has fire and forget heals, and can warp faster.

If on the other hand you are an Engineer looking for raw damage in a boat that cannot turn to save its life... Theeeen maybe the Dreadnaught is better.

Ok I have to say something about this..First of all, Tactical captains should NOT be in a cruiser to begin with. It was not designed to be that way.

Yes you can fly any ship you want, but you are just gimping yourself. An Engineer is going to get full benefit out of a cruiser where as a tactical officer is going to gain full benefit out of an escort ship. It is very irritating to watch science officers flying around in escorts and watch engineers flying around in science vessels..Just because the Tactical Oddesey has the word TACTICAL in it does not mean it was made for tactical captains.

Please, L2P and quit gimping yourselves
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[Hastily unholstering the [Zombie Control Assault Rifle of Epicosity Mk XIV], he fires a massive blast taking this Zombie thread down!]
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