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11-19-2012, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by liquidraven26 View Post
after spending $160 and not getting a bug ship I am going to pass on this and all others.
Don't gamble. Or at least don't do high risk gambling.

You could have (should have) bought reinforcement packs, sold them on the exchange they were regularly 4.5-5 million each and sometimes a spec more.

50 dollars in zen would then get you 5300 zen points = 19 reinforcement packs = 90 million credits worth (with some zen left, at a rate of 4.7 million per pack). 150 dollars worth would have netted you 270 million credits, which was enough for a bug, + some gear.

The other lockbox ships are basically the same, you're better to buy the most valuable EC/zen item and sell it on the exchange and use the money to buy the thing you want.

The only time you want to actually open lockboxes etc. yourself is if you need lobi for the bind on pickup items or if you have several hundreds of dollars to spend and hope averages do you favours. The lobi thing of course guarantees a certain supply of items as people get stuff they can't use while getting lobi.

You are generally better with a reasonably fixed cost and risk, trying to get one rare item is on average, a bad strategy.
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11-19-2012, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Problem is that the grand prize, while nice, is something I can get from the exchange for around all of 20 million ec. Not that much work to get.
And none of the special other items are that appealing either.
The "four Fleet Modules" prize appears to be intended to be a prize of "one Fleet Ship of your choice". but it would come across better if it was bundled with a Fleet Credit bonus as well (to give you at least part of the 20k Fleet Credits that a Fleet Ship costs in addition to the Modules).

Maybe instead this can be converted into some kind of token/voucher for buying any one Fleet Ship from your Fleet's Shipyard? It would lose the resell-ability on the Exchange, but it would then cover the entire cost of getting the Fleet Ship.
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Originally Posted by clannmac View Post
I see Lobi crystals are not mentioned - does this mean that those of us already foolish enough to be saving them for certain items like the Temporal weapons, etc., in the Lobi store - but still short of the goal - are basically SOL?
There's always buying keys with zen/ec.

Like I said earlier just straight up buying the modules is worth more. Hell buying the keys and playing with the lockbox lottery is more worth for your zen because at the very least you get some lobi to work towards whatever X ship/item it is that you want.
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11-19-2012, 03:38 PM
my first thought when i read that doff list was "people use operational assets? lol."
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Hi Cryptic I?m not sure if this is the right forum to post this but I figured is a start and if there is a better place to put questions and recommendations please let me know.

Ok so here is my concerns on this game, when the game first came out everyone on the team was said to be a big star trek fan, and that they were all about star trek and making a good star trek based game, and also that this was not to be only a game but the continuation of the series in effect another star trek series.
Well cryptic I?m here to say I can?t believe any of that is true at this point and if people don't agree with me please let me know as I want to see if I am the only one that feels this way, but since launch I have seen the game get better, and better and in some ways I believed going in the right direction, and in some cases I even looked away when I saw things that would be considered not trek. Such as Galor style ships for Federation and Klingon Characters, and having the Jem Hedar ship as an item to be won, but at this point I am now beyond upset with the STO world.
How can you call yourself star trek fans when you do all the things that in star trek would never happen, where in star trek has a future star ship been found and then kept, I don't care if it comes from the mirrored universe it never happened because the future has sensors to Scan the time line direct Quote from the series ?Enterprise? and the would have sent someone to fix the time line and get rid of the ship so don?t tell me this make sense by just saying that it?s from the mirror universe and future technology was stripped out please come one guys your better than this or so I thought.

Also there is too much instability from a star trek point of view and this is no longer a star trek game in its sole it has the skin but no soul, anymore . to allow something that would never happen in the star trek universe to happen in the game is to say you don't care and all you want is to make money and forget all the Loyal fans that came into this game to support trek and hopefully see more of the episode missions and a glimpse of the star trek they grew up with that's why I started to play I want star trek to survive and grow that's why I?m a lifer and that's why I still pay for some of the items on the C store because there ships that I like and still cannon to a point.. But mainly because it?s my small way to help star trek and maybe at some point bring the series back so I can watch it with my daughter someday.

If you guys read this and just brush it off its fine but please do not say your all star trek fans if you don't stay true to Gene Roddenberry?s vision of the future and rules of trek lore, and to show that I am a fan and that I do know what I?m talking about and why I?m upset I will show you another example excepts for the mission in DS9 to destroy the Katresel White facility using a Jem Hedar ship there was never a jem Hedar ship captained by a federation captain if you?re a federation captain you fly a federation star ship if you wanted to bring in the bug ship you should not have been lazy and should have instead created a new faction the Dominion and then added the bug ship which most fans want anyway, instead you created a star trek game with no star trek soul, no more Cannon and No more featured missions and or Series or Story and I am sadden by this. I do believe that the team has the talent to make this game awesome and if you just follow the spirit of trek I know this game will explode because you have shown that you can do it but for some reason things have been done that are just not right and I hope you see that and somehow correct it. I could say more but I?m not sure if it does any good but just wanted to say my peace. Thank you for listening.
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11-19-2012, 10:46 PM
Wow, more doffs. For Zen, shocking.
Can we get the game bugs fixed at some point between the introductions of Zstore crap and lockboxes?

I'm beginning to think you only like us for our money!
This game was so much better before F2P where all they do now is program stuff for you to buy. The new Seasons are just there so you don't get bored and leave before they can launch more Z-store stuff.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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Originally Posted by tehjonel View Post
my first thought when i read that doff list was "people use operational assets? lol."
Not really... they made these Doffs so you might have a reason to use them. Waste of fleet credits, imo.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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11-20-2012, 05:09 AM
Nice to see a new pack, two things though Bran, can we expect to see the Bynar as a C-Store purchasable playable species? You have the skins after all, and/or some cool C-Store BoFFs? Also, with the new DoFF type coming out, will there be a search ability at the Exchange? Same also for Space/Ground Combat Specialist DoFFs? The Exchange is badly in need of some TLC.
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Before season 7, I collect duty officers like stamps, for collection and for fun, doing missions here and there.

I take cadre and others from the academy, trade in the exchange, send some to fleet projects, upgrade for other with major rarity in the academy. And yes, buy some Z-store cadres to improve my collection.

Today, after season 7 launch, a lot of things changed.

You have to pay a lot of dilithium to upgrade your duty roster or take a common cadre. And paying officers to dialy fleet project become sometimes punitive if you as a casual or non-hardcore gamer.

Paying for Z-store cadres become less important. With 275 Zen you can take a lot of dilithium to buy other dutys from the academy or invest in your fleet projects, if you think if really worth.

Taking new duty skills, fleet modules, embassy provisions, special consoles, useless gama quadrand commodites or artifacts don't give me anything solid to invest my money on it.

The product looks good, but not really atractive. As player, I miss something wonderfull and unique to incentive me to buy this. As gold account player, become really less important, because the gold account can't give anything special if you open a cadre, a lockbox or pay zen for something in the STO.

If you want my money, give something special to incentive the gold or lifetime to buy your products, getting something nice and exclusive just because you use a gold account to buy and open lockboxes and Z-store cadres.

The cadre looks good because the duty officers, but really don't show to me enough reasons to invest my money. The Embassy provissions don't have value if you don't play the romulan reputation system, Fleet modules don't worth if you already have ships from Zen Store or just want to use the F2P ships, Alien artifact needs a purple set of dutys and only some have this today, and finally, the Gamma Quadrant consumables only works if you want to finish a rare duty mission or feed your tribble.

No unique ship, no special and unique space or ground items, no vanilla items, no special uniforms to KDF, no special features to unlock in your starbase or embassy, nothing to give a big smile if you find after opening a cadre...
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?
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11-20-2012, 10:00 AM
hummm only one doff i want and need about 5 of them

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