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# 11 Hello everyone
11-11-2012, 07:30 PM
Hello all you STO RPers!

Thanks for the introduction bud, appreciate it!

As the post says, I've been promoted to personnel officer and will be in charge of all recruiting from here on out. I'll be posting some updates with the 26th Fleet in the next day and or so.

The 26th Fleet has some exciting new things planned with Season 7. The Romulans are need of assistance and the 26th is responding. More to come on this!

Svetlana being our Operations Officer, will have plenty of RPing events taking place on a regular basis. She's a fantastic RPer with some great story ideas.

Hope to see you all in game and meet some new RPers!
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# 12 Incoming Transmission
11-13-2012, 04:16 AM
Open priority one communication on frequency 0839.

Encryption code beta-7-delta-9-gamma-3.

Command codes verified - frequency open.

Begin Transmission.

TO: All Starfleet Captains
FROM: CAPT Grifter Treysik, 26th Fleet
SUBJECT: Romulan Assistance


The Federation has offered assistance to the Romulans while they move into Tau Dewa. The 26th Fleet has stepped up and will begin moving Task Force Avalon, along with supply ships into the system.

We will also encounter the Kingons as they to have offered the Romulans assistance. Although they are there on peaceful terms, it is important that we keep a close eye on their movements. The 26th Fleet has had many conflicts with them in the past and tensions may rise.

Our primary target will be the Tholians, however, there are other resistance forces that may try and stop our efforts. Because of this, I am sending out this request for any Captains to assist us. I could use the extra manpower.

If you and your crew are nearby and can offer assistance, then come and join us. This task that we have been given must not fail. I won't lie, ships might be lost, lives might be lost, but this mission will allow us to form a strong and lasting relationship with the Romulans. It's the start of a new era and you can be part of it.

Send me a secure transmission and I will provide you with a rendezvous point.

CAPT Grifter Treysik
USS Sentinel
Commanding Officer, Task Force Avalon - 26th Fleet

((OOC, we thought it would be fun invite non fleet members to join our IC/RP events with S7. Please contact me (or on our website) this evening and come join us for some fun! It will give you a chance to RP with us and see how you will feet in with this fantastic group of guys and gals))
Lt. Commander
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# 13
11-15-2012, 04:27 PM
bump. The fleet needs alot of love.
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# 14 Answering the Call
11-19-2012, 03:25 PM
Open priority one communication on Federation frequency 5632.

Encryption code alpha-8-echo-4-charlie-6.

Command codes verified - frequency open.

Begin Transmission.

TO: All Starfleet Captains
FROM: 26th Fleet Command
SUBJECT: Answering the Call

It is the beginning of a new era for the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire.

The 26th Fleet answered the RSEs call for assistance. Led by Captain Grifter Treysik, Task Force Avalon entered and secured Tau Dewa. The fleet fought vigorously, removing both Tholian and Tal Shiara threats. Task Force Avalon will continue patrolling the sector and the systems within it, ensuring the safety of both Romulan ships and New Romulus.

Personnel from Starbase 381, the 26th Fleets base of operations, have also been dispatched to New Romulus. The personnel included engineers, doctors, scientists and tactical squadrons. Their mission is to provide any assistance the Romulans may need.

Due to the high priority of this task, the 26th Fleet requires not only starship Captains, but personnel officers as well. It is important that we continue to maintain a high defensive status on Starbase 381, due to it's location along the Neutral Zone. We do not want to stretch our fleet and personnel to thin.

With this said, we are seeking all able bodied captains and personnel. If you would like to transfer to the 26th Fleet, please contact Captain Treysik (bishop@grifter.treysik). We also request that you fill out a transfer request form (application) at the following terminal:


We look forward to hearing from you.

CAPT Grifter Treysik
USS Centurion
Commanding Officer, Task Force Avalon - 26th Fleet
Career Officer
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# 15
11-26-2012, 06:27 AM
A sneak peak into some of the RP our members are doing! This morning, an AAR from Penni! Penny comes to us (IC) from the Mirror Universe, a refugee seeking political asylum with members of her formerly Imperial crew.

Originally Posted by Penni Black

On Stardate 90482.2 as licensed commander of the Security Consulting Company, Penni's Renegades, hereafter referred to as SCCR, accepted a security contract to protect and provide support to an independent group of Romulan scientists under the group name Independent Pharmaceutical Development Specialists, hereafter referred to as IPDS. The particulars of the contract are attached to this statement.

SCCR patrolled the system and made supply runs as dictated by IPDS. Also provided was scientific support as our staff includes scientists of several disciplines. Five standard days after accepting the contract, a hostile ship entered the system. This vessel matched no known configurations and utilized advanced weapons. Although Independent StarShip Renegade, hereafter referred to as ISS Renegade, avoided being disabled, SCCR was unable to prevent a landing party from reaching the laboratory and abducting several scientists.

After agreeing upon certain contract amendments[see attached], minutes after the attack, SCCR endeavored to track and pursue the unidentified ship and attempt to rescue the scientists. SCCR Science Officers were able to track the warp signature of the ship. The vessel's commander appeared to not expect any pursuit, as most mercenary companies currently operating would not risk attacking an extremely well armed opponent.

The ship was tracked to an unnamed system near the Afehirr Nebula. Passive sensors indicated a facility and orbital defenses around a moon in orbit of a brown dwarf star, which orbits a super-massive blue sun. A shuttle designated IRREPARABLE was launched utilizing sensor masking techniques developed by SCCR. Masking data is not attached as it is secure intellectual property of SCCR.

SCCR personnel were able to ascertain the disposition and strength(both minor) of the orbital defenses. The layout of the facility indicated some form of prison combined with a laboratory. Coded transmissions intercepted by IRREPARABLE further supported this analysis, although the transmissions were only partially decoded by SCCR personnel. All transmission and decoding data is attached to this statement. Transmissions also seemed to indicate the group operating the facility called itself Section 31. At this point SCCR Commander, Captain Penny BlackKnife, AKA Captain Black, decided to inform Starfleet of the existence of the facility.

Discreet inquiries led CPT Black to contact Captain Nimilanor Blackrose. CPT Blackrose also contacted one Captain Levesley of the USS Paladin.

CPT Black arranged to meet the Paladin in the Nimbus Sector in deep space. There, an assault team composed of SCCR and Starfleet personnel was assembled and transported via the IRREPARABLE to the illegal prison facility.

The assault breach was achieved via blasting charges and a universal soft docking ring fitted to the shuttle. As the assault proceeded, SCCR and Starfleet personnel liberated prisoners and provided them with weapons. The facility's security grid was disabled early and the only initial resistance was from personnel wearing black, unmarked uniformed, most of them were human. No prisoners were taken, all uniformed personnel either fought to the death or committed suicide.

While exfiltrating, the assault team and escaping prisoners were met with resistance in the form of mercenaries, apparently hired by "Section 31". However, none of the prisoners taken from that force were able to say exactly who had hired them.

After defeating the mercenaries, it was determined that the assault force had full control of the facility. Prisoners who wished to go with Starfleet were exfiltrated by USS Paladin, while those who preferred to sign on with SCCR waited for the arrival of ISS Renegade.

The nature of the facility was determined to be an attempt by those running it to replicated the process by which Jem'Hadar are produced. some success had apparently been made, however, the products were Jem'Hadar with independent minds, not genetically enforced loyalty to the Changeling species. Some of these individuals chose to remain with SCCR, while others opted to be taken in by Starfleet.

SCCR personnel destroyed all unhatched eggs, erased all research data except that which pertained to the production of Ketracel White, and vented the facility of atmosphere after being recovered by ISS Renegade. This was done at the request of the Jem'Hadar rescued from the facility.

SCCR was happy to provide this investigation into an illegal detention and research facility purportedly renegade Starfleet personnel, free of charge to Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. No invoice will be filed out of gratitude for the rescue and repair of ISS renegade and SCCR personnel some months ago by members of the 26th Fleet and SB381.

Sworn and Affirmed as the truth to the best of her knowledge,
Captain Penni BlackKnife
SCCR Commander
ISS Renegade
R. Admiral Corris Sprint (@sprint01)
Commanding Officer - 26th Fleet [RP]
Star Trek: Praetorian Official Website
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# 16 Being Tested - Admiral's Log
11-26-2012, 06:34 AM
Admiral's Log, Stardate 90506


Despite being tested by the Klingon Empire's 32nd Attack Fleet, our own Task Force Avalon has reopened the space lanes to New Romulus. After a challenging attack at the ruins of Starbase 104, our crews managed to send a clear message to the KDF - Stay on your side of the Neutral Zone.

Victory comes with a price. Nearly two hundred dead with almost double that wounded. It comes as small consolation that the KDF fared much, much worse but for everyone one of their ships destroyed, a boat load of warriors made their way to their ancestor's spiritual halls. In Starfleet, letters are written, memorials held, and we grieve in our own ways for the fallen, wondering when we will at last achieve peace.

The starship Enterprise paid Praetorian a visit the other day. Though the stopover was brief, Starfleet's flagship and indeed the embodiment of our ideals, seem to boost morale across the station and fleet. As soon as Intelligence verified the KDF was standing down, we resumed operations to support New Romulus. For each ship that leaves to assist D'Tan's people, I know there are many aboard who look out at our dockyards and see the stricken ships that fought at 104. We'll never forget them, as Tennyson wrote:

When can their glory fade ?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wonder'd.
Honour the charge they made!
Honour the Light Brigade,
Noble six hundred!

We'll remember our 'Noble two hundred', and carry on as they would have wanted us to do.
OOC - We're getting into some excellent RP, especially in the New Romulus content. Now is a great time to join the fleet. With lots of active, RP'ers online, we're running events and content every day.

- Strong EU contingent!
- Lots of NA players too!
- Starbase is one project away from Tier III !
- Shipyard currently provides Fleet Defiant, Nebula and Nova class refits!
- RP in our disco-enabled Operations Club, or enjoy the wonders of our new, Nanov-conservatory in our Embassy!
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# 17
11-27-2012, 08:30 AM
Get to know the 26th Fleet!

If you're curious as to how we run things, or if you'd be a good fit for this fleet... or more importantly, will we be a good fit for you, then pop by our 26th Fleet Website and say hi! We can arrange for a risk-free trial!

I'd say money-back guarantee, but we don't use money in Starfleet, do we? =)
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# 18
11-27-2012, 06:23 PM
Stardate 90513.29

*begin recording*

Admiral Hunter has given me permanent command oft the USS Centurion, a Vesta class starship. It is an honor to receive command of such a vessel. Due to our involvement in Tau Dewa, a formal ceremony will be put off until further notice. The Sentinels repairs are complete. I have put my recommendation to CMDR Alexai Demovski, my XO on the Sentinel, to take command. He is an exceptional officer and has proven his abilities on more then one occasion. I wish him the best of luck.

I have appointed Captain Levesley the task of investigating Section 31. Their have been recent incidents regarding illegally sanctioned prisons and research facilities. I have sent Captain Vempati, Captain Blackrose and Captain Brysan with him. The rest of the fleet will continue to patrol and secure Tau Dewa.

We continue to receive an influx of transfer requests to the 26th. Along with being commander of Task Force Avalon, I am also the personnel officer, in charge of interviewing new transfers, for both Praetorian and Task Force Avalon. This, coupled with my ongoing efforts in Tau Dewa, has kept me very busy, with very little down time.

*end recording*
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# 19
12-03-2012, 06:02 PM
Just sending this to the top.

If you guys/gals are looking for a fleet that loves to have fun and be creative, then the 26th Fleet is for you. Don't hesitate to stop by our site, take a tour and fill out an application. I'll contact you in game and we can have a chat!
Lt. Commander
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# 20
12-04-2012, 02:32 PM
Hello! I am the 26th new personnel officer. You can usually find me tooting around space in a beat up Exeter class if you have any questions about the 26th fleet and people inside. Catch me anytime ingame @juroden

And now some IC logs of the 26th fleet.


It?s been just shy of a month since relief operations have begun on New Romulus? and already the price in blood and treasure is high. I expect it to climb further still. With the defeat of the recent KDF Task Force, Praetorian station seems to have found a period of tranquility. Relief Operations continue to the Romulans; convoys of Starfleet and Civilian origin come through the station on such a regular schedule that freighter crews are becoming familiar faces in the crowd on the station. Making port of call seems more like a homecoming, or a reunion for some of the station?s crew.

I hope they enjoy the respite.

During this down time, I?ve seen to it that Commander Cabis is finally getting the chance of a lifetime. Commander Cabis is being sent back to Starfleet Academy, to undertake the Perisher exam; the final test of a command officer?s abiity to lead men and women in extraordinary situations- a graduated officer?s version of the Kobayashi Maru. It is my intention and hope that Commander Cabis comes back to us as Captain of a Federation Starship.

However, this required a replacement in our security ranks. Lieutenant Penny Black has been promoted to Lt. Commander, and accepted the role of Chief of Security. She?s a remarkable young woman, who has been forced to overcome more than her fair share of obstacles in life. I know she?ll do well in this posting, and it couldn?t have come at a better time.

Captain Nightmoon has made some disturbing finds, which were corroborated by Chief Ill'issin. The Iconians have been spotted in the Tau Dewa sector.

Everything that we?ve worked for, everything that we?ve bled for is in jeopardy of being undone. Captain Nightmoon however has a plan, but it?ll require the skills of brave men and women to venture to hostile environments, and contend with the Tholians.


I pray they can act in time.

Computer, end log.

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