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Hey everyone,

(Skip to (---Question----) below if not into reading the life story of this question )
I haven't posted on these forums in so long, but maybe some you you may remember me (wonder if XR-377 is still around?) Anyway, I made the Not Our War (NOW) series a while ago now, and it garnered much success, much more than I ever anticipated! And to that I really do thank you guys, because it obviously wouldn't haven gotten that far without the community.

But I digress. I'm making this post because I really want y'alls feedback for this dilemma I'm in.

Shortly after the success of NOW, I began to pen another set of missions. I had just played through Mass Effect 3 at the time and I really wanted to tell a story the drew inspiration from ME3 (choices) and Battlestar Galactica (plot-wise). I had huge plans for this series that was designed to be a dynamic trilogy called The Command series. The premise was that you actually become an Admiral and direct your forces however you want (within the realm of foundry possibility that is) and how you commanded determined how your story developed. Well, obviously there is no way to make different branches of stories within a foundry mission so my work around was that for ever major decision (3 total; 1 per mission) would determine what your next mission would be (as in the player would be told "you chose option A, therefore to continue this story arc select mission X). Well, in terms of story construction, that meant for 3 parts, I would have had to make 6 missions. Each one unique to the previous decisions you made in each mission. I was excited but when it came down to actually doing this the work required increased exponentially per decision (I was able to understand why ME3's ending was so non-fulfilling, they developers probably said to themselves "we really wrote ourselves into a chasm on this one").

Anyway, I'm writing this to say that I did develop the first mission to the entire story arc. After working on it off and on, it has been more or less complete for 5 months now. But it obviously ends with a major cliff hanger. You make a choice that can't be implemented within a single mission with this current iteration of the foundry. So its supposed to branch to 2 mission. I am not planning on developing the sequel missions. I just don't have the time like I used to when I was in college. (I am working on an actual manuscript that I hope to publish later, just FYI )

So basically I am coming to you, my fellow foundry authors with a proposition. I worked on the mission off and on over 11 months. I want people to see it, but I don't like that fact that it's something that is unfinished (I hate when a show ends abruptly!) If I were to release this mission:
1) Would you recommend that I do in its current state?
2) Change the ending? ( I really want to avoid that, it would be similar to ME where you have choice through the whole thing...till the end haha.)
OR! #3) I pass on the story to anyone who is interested!
I mean I know anyone could continue my mission without my acknowledgement anyway, but maybe anyone who finds it interesting could continue the story if they find the endeavor worthy or enjoyable. No stipulations, I wrote the story for fun, you could continue off it anyway you see fit. I wouldn't mind if many of you guys developed sequels. I could implement the choice into the main mission that would link to your version of events. I would love to see the story I wrote concluded in ways I never imagined.

If this idea interests anyone, what I'll do is publish the mission (when the foundry is open again) and basically let anyone play through what it is so far. Even if you want to just test the mission to see if its balanced/playable/enjoyable, that is also highly valued.

I know I'm not too great at ideas, and I definitely understand that to develop a good foundry mission takes time and devotion, so I'm not expecting anyone to jump at the idea of writing a foundry mission. Only if this sounds like something that interests you.
I do not mind at all disclosing specifics to the story here if any party so inquires.

And if (likely) no one seems interested in doing #3, would anyone mind helping me test the mission for feedback purposes. Just tell me what you all think is best for this mission. I wasted too much time to just let all what i had worked on go to waste haha. Even if one of you guys enjoy the mission that would be mission accomplished in my book. (hopefully all my rambling makes sense).

Have a good one,

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