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Seem to have a new reason for getting "auto-kicked" from a PvE / STF within the first 10 seconds of play.

Prior to Season 7, it used to happen if you were in System Space over a "social hub" (ESD, DS-9, K-7). So we always avoid doing this in my Fleet.

Have now noticed that I seem to have a high chance of being kicked if I have Joined more than 1 PvE queue at a time and am in a Team.

Earlier tonight I was in a team of 2, and I "Team Joined" us for both Gorn Minefield and the new Nebula mission. Minefield started and we both auto-warped out within 10 seconds. I queued us up a second time for the same pair of missions. When Engage appeared for Minefield, I Left the other queue. when Minefield started, I staying in, while my teammate auto-warped out again.

In Summary,

1. Only queue in sector space or on the ground
2. Only be in one queue at a time, especially if you are in a team

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