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# 1 New Romulus Creation Timelapse
11-19-2012, 05:40 PM
I like me some timelapse photography, and it occurred to me while I was building New Romulus, that it might be fun to see the creation of a whole zone in a few seconds. So I started taking screenshots. 1 a day (or so, some anomolies), from the day the map files were first made back at the beginning of August, until today. 62 images in total, from 14 different positions.

And. . . here they are. Hope you enjoy seeing the process, warts and all.

Staging Area
Starting Platform
The Wall and Reman City
The Atlai looking toward the new bridges.
The Atlai looking toward the Mama Nanov.
Mama Nanov & Waterfalls
Vastam Peaks
The Atlai from the old Bridge
Paehhos Crater
Fallen Tree/Forest
Hwael Ruins
Epohh Fields
The Atlai from the New Bridges
Overall from the Ocean

Note that what's shown here is just the changes made within the game editor from day to day. You'll see that the first images already have a good amount of terrain sculpted, and some very rough textures applied. Those were all made outside the engine in the preceding days.

You'll also see some assets just pop in like they were nothing. Let me assure you that there was lots of work being done on them for days or weeks within 3D Studio Max, and were just updated later with more finished assets. (note, the Bridges, City Wall, Nanov for examples).

Lastly, you may notice some views (the Crater, and the Fallen Tree) start off with the camera underground. As you can see, there was a lot of terrain (and other) changes over the course of the map work. I didn't pick camera locations until most things were roughly in place, then I used some programmer magic to take my computer back in time, and get the shots from earlier in the project.

Anyway, it was fun working on this map, and I'm glad the timelapses turned out for the most part. Hope you like them too.
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