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Hope the title grabs some attention.

I reported this bug in-game along with a repro method on the first or second day of s7. This bug is of game-breaking magnitude and should've been fixed within a day. Because it hasn't, I'm publishing the repro method (I did not want to do this).

1: Set a default shuttle.
2: Go to a shipyard (tested at ESD).
3: Place a bridge officer in default shuttle.
4: Change your primary ship.
5: Place a bridge officer in default shuttle again.
6: Change your primary ship back to the original.
7: Beam out to space.

Now, you should have all eight of the powers of those two bridge officers you equipped to the default shuttle.

I did not test this extensively, but this method seemed to work consistently over 3-4 attempts.

Please fix this. I shouldn't be able to have effectively 2 universal commander slots on my ship.

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