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11-20-2012, 03:24 AM
What can I say? I don't believe in a No win Scenario and I wasn't going to give up.

From the moment people started achieving in it (found out later using the foundry) I saw it was time to put a team together with the intention to beat it.

With the help of the realelitenws team, I put together a comprehensive goggledoc charting all the waves, and builds/tactics etc, what was working for us and what wasn't. After finding out about the next wave we prepared for it and beat it to reach the next one until we got stuck at 10. After what felt like several tries, sometimes being so very close, we've finally nailed it, though the fed side we're still falling short on wave 10.

I'd personally like to take the chance to thank not only the other 4 on the team listed above but also the others who contributed on previous runs (sadly they have yet to get the official credit but we'll be running nws again to try and rectify that;

@V_Silverwings (myself, duh)


(think that's everyone apologises if I missed anyone off I double and triple checked).

Without their contributions, efforts and patience (with me especially) none of us would have been able to achieve what the 5 of us have when we did (and ther was competition to see who'd beat it first so the pressure was on).

As for how we beat it we'll share all in the near future when time allows us and I'll see if we can find the time to write a guide for stowiki.

Upon killing all the ships in wave 10 the event just ends like the STFs do, except for the splashing of achievements across the server

I did fraps the thing but I perma deleted the file by accident and cannot recover the data so I'll have to fraps the next run.

I wonder if Cryptic will honour our achievement? Maybe statues in the Great Hall...(just saying ).

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