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11-20-2012, 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by gaalom View Post

Also you try tanking the gate in infected space elite lol. Flying a tactical escort against a tactical cube or gate in a elite stf gets tricky. It did not help matters when they nerfed the Borg set.
Send me your exact fit, class, tactics and bridge officer slots. I'll let you know what you are doing wrong. A fighter can beat the gate in infected space solo if flown right and and given enough time. Why am I saying this? A LOT of people just simple do NOT know how to fly or fit their ships; trust me cause I've seen Commanders beat people with Timeships in Kerrat. I'm looking at the abilities you've stated and I am thinking it's a bit of a fail build if I'm honest, no offence. The most likely scenario is that your tactics are simply dreadful and you make poor use of your ship. Again no offence but most Fed Players are downright arrogant and won't accept this simple truth.

Anyway if you want a thread locked, ask a mod to close it or something or else people will still keep posting in it.

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