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11-20-2012, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
I can spend 100,000 Zen trying and still never get a purple Tactical Team cooldown-reducing Conn DOff, no matter what my rank is. EC, on the other hand, guarantees that I can so long as someone is selling, and they usually are.

EC is nowhere near as useless as people like to say it is unless you already have everything, which takes a long time after VA for a new player.
Yeah it's a bit silly with the EC is useless talk. Sure there's a ****billion of it in circa but item values adjust. although STO could stand to have some more EC sinks. It's not a cake walk to earn countless EC if you're not purchasing zen items to sell on the exchange, essentially buying EC with your money. If you've found a way, good for you. I found a way, good for me. Doesn't mean it's easy and or useless. Every person that utters it probably still doesn't have an all out Purple MKXII console ship and no, I'm not talking to YOU the person who now feels compelled to type a response to me like a troll smashing on your keyboard to lay down a law somewhere about how you ohyeahwellidoandisayecisuselessotherehahahaha. Okay, obviously there are people somewhere who have their **** and feel compelled to complain about how EC is useless for them.

In that case save you're stinking money and purchase lockbox and doff pack ships as you usually do. Oh look, what do you know, your EC isn't so useless. Next problem.

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