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I've been using an Xbox 360 controller on the game pretty much since launch and have been developing my key binds over time, starting with some of the great work from others in the forums. Since S7 I've been reworking my approach a bit to make it a little easier to correlate the toolbar with the controller states and wanted to share these back to the community.

You can find the updated scheme in this Google Drive folder.

- x360-ground-s7.txt - ground keys
- x360-space-s7.txt - space keys
- x360-STO-Layout-s7.pdf - graphical guide to power slotting and controller maps
- x360-Controls-Guide.jpg - suggested control settings to interact nicely with controller

The scheme is based on a 3-state shift system (unshifted/left trigger/left bumper) that combines with the buttons and dpad to give you 14 x 3 = 42 controls. Some are system-level binds, while the rest map to your power tray.

In this update I've tried to arrange the tray slots more intuitively mostly with buttons in columns and shift states along rows. I've built both space and ground around similar layouts to make it easier to learn (though ground has a lot of unused slots that can be assigned to BOFF abilities).

- Weapons use right trigger/bumper (and extra combo using both)
- Career-specific abilities map to Start/Back buttons
- Devices are invoked from shifted D-pad selections, arranged roughly in up/down right/left pattern
- BOFF/Kit abilities are mapped to ABXY buttons and are in the right columns
- Joystick clicks are used for scanning, interaction, and movement commands
- Shields/engines/ground BOFF instructions, use the D-pad

Note that while the right stick click generally works as the interact/select action, sometimes in OK/Cancel or Respawn dialogs I still must revert to the A button.

The full info on using keybind files has been documented many times on the forums, but the quick tutorial is:

- Open the Options window to the "Keybinds" tab.
- Select Space in the popup
- In the chat window enter /bind_load_file x360-space-v1.txt
- Switch to Ground
- In the chat window enter /bind_load_file x360-ground-v1.txt
- Drag the abilities into the appropriate slots following the PDF guide

I hope people find these useful, and with a little reading on the STO wiki you should be able to adapt these to your own taste. I'll try to answer any questions about them in this post.

Note that I tend to run space in the 4-tray mode to see all the mapped trays along with the powers grouped by officer. In ground the scheme has a lot of unmapped slots but rather than reduce it to a 2-tray layout I've kept it in 3-tray mode to match the space layout. I've taken leftover slots and mapped them to numeric keypad keys, arranged in matching patterns. I've also added some keybinds for PVE (X) and DOFFs (F).

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