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11-20-2012, 08:10 AM
Honestly, I think reputation does work.

Just very very slooooooooowly...
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11-20-2012, 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by l0cutus359 View Post
Yes, we need more flexibility and content....less PWE Grind of the same missions

I still have visions of SouthPark where Cartman is in his mother's basement for weeks on end leveling up his WOW character.... killing sheep over and over again

Not to mention defecating on the floor.
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11-20-2012, 08:17 AM
Reputation system is ok as a concept.

Waiting days, weeks, even months, to progress and unlock stuff with an additional need to grind yet even more darn currencies sucks though...

I simply hate the fact that I cannot progress at my own pace. If I focus on one or two characters then I need to grind for a few months to reach Tier 5 in any reputation. And if I decide on doing so with my other characters later on (as I don't really have a "main", but rather different professions/ships I like to play with depending on the mood) then it's again weeks-months just to be able to unlock stuff and progress in "the story".

For me, this is a mood killer. I am being forced to grind a specific content for small amount of marks only to be able to get to the new "shinies" I may otherwise want/need for my build.

And I remember it was only 40,000 reputation at first, when the system appeared on tribble (about a month of regular play). It was only later when they increased the requirement to 100,000...

Bad decission followed by a bad decission - seems like a theme for Season 7.
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11-20-2012, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by tequilla56 View Post
Instead.. I find nothing. No store options, No unlock options, No rewards available (passive or otherwise) and most importantly NO new projects to start or even the same ones to re-invest in and re-start the 40 hour timer. There is purely nothing at all. except the chance to earn 5 more rep points by dropping in three more nural processors.
Just answering this part, it sounds like you put in the project that rewards 5 marks nad 1000 dilithium for five nural processors. Until you finish this project by filling it up, you can't advance to tier one, because that project uses the same slot as the one you already have. So finish that project and you should be fine, if I understand what you have done. Oh, and you can't use the tier zero rep projects after 5,500 rep xp, you have to use the tier one versions of the same projects, which dont' unlock until you rank up to tier one. Nice one, right?

As for the system itself, yeah, its built for someone to run STFs/Romulan stuff for one hour three times a week, which is good in Cryptics view since according to them, you should be playing four hours a day for dilithium. Personally, I'm playing just enough to feed the rep monster and a bit more for my fleet, because really there isn't anythinng fun to do in this game any more. My opinion of course, but if I want an MMO to act as a very fancy chat interface, I'll go back to EvE Online. At least there I can spin my ship.
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11-20-2012, 10:02 AM
I like the reputation system. The grind is done at a decent pace that you just need to do one or two missions and you're set for a couple of days and can focus on other things.

Now if I had to pick out things I don't like, it would be that having an UI store was a bad move. Such things cater to the lazy who can't find it to go to a HUB to buy that gear. Which is funny that you can get anywhere literally within a minute these days. And the STF Stores when it was in Omega Fleet and then DS9, those places became social hotspots. While DS9 is still to a degree, it's just not the same.

Another thing I do not like about the Reputation system is the grind. While the Reputation system alone isn't a bad grind, its just that with it compounded with the other grinds, its just too much.

If I had an option to fix it, it would be to consolidate the grinding. Like having Romulan and Omega count towards Fleet Marks and thus give us new options to do Fleet Mark grinding. Id suggest adding Dilithium as well, but at T5 Rep you're able to turn in Marks for Dilithium. But that's a long ways away and I wouldn't be surprised it ends up 100 Marks for 1000 Dilithium or something unfavorable like that.
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11-20-2012, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by lucianazeta View Post

The only major issue to me is project times, it completely kills any need to be on much, to new people it won't matter as everything is still new to them in STO, lots of shiny things to discover and keep them busy.
This. The main issue is the decision to make the personal reputation 'gain' projects 39 hours (at least at Tier 1, I hope they DON'T get longer as a character progresses. I will NEVER understand the logic of this as it becomes a dis-incentive to logging in every day - and further, if you have enough Marks backlogged to fund a few of these projects; makes you not want to do stuff (new content, etc.) until you really need to - so in the end, it gives you a reason to NOT play the game for a day or two.

There's a reason most MMOs have 'dailies' <--- to encourage players to play. Thus I think the designers dropped the ball in that they could have made the actual Rep projects complete every 20 - 24 hours (like the other daily content in STO) - BUT adjusted costs and Rep Mark rewards to KEEP whatever actual character progression time they wanted - IE each project would cost less and reward less, but a player would log in once a day to start the new ones - yet STILL make Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier X, etc at whatever pace the Devs wanted.

I really have to wonder if these guys EVER really take the time to play the game like your average Silver or Gold would - instead of always playing on their Dev accounts where they can most likely bypass things normal players can't.

I just will never understand them designing a system that so far makes players wnat to not play content, or not log in every day; and that what the 39 hour length on personal Rep projects do; yet again, as it was a new system, witjh more forethought, it didn't need to be this way.
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11-20-2012, 10:18 AM
Originally Posted by lucianazeta View Post
Replying solely to your topic title since the message just looks like a complaint to me rather then a question.

''Does it work or is it a game killer.''

I think repu system works and is a good idea, I play TERA as well and it works perfectly fine there, though differently.

The only major issue to me is project times, it completely kills any need to be on much, to new people it won't matter as everything is still new to them in STO, lots of shiny things to discover and keep them busy.

But for someone like me who has been playing since January, or god forbid someone who has been playing since release or betas, there are no more shiny things, once we fill our projects, we have nothing left to do and in my case, log off.
Exactly. Now that Dilithium rewards have been nerfed and the Foundry is down all the time, there's little to nothing to do. There's no point to doing FAs since all you get are crappy items and 480 Dilithium.

Put FAs Dilithium back to 1440, get the Foundry back up so we can do our Foundry Daily, and put some Dilithium on the Tau Dewa sector patrol so that it isn't *just* marks that many of us don't need anymore because we've got a ton stockpiled from other things.
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# 28 You are so right!!!
11-20-2012, 10:58 AM
On of the best post i ever read for the last month.

Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
It doesn't work, for all the same reasons I HATE Zynga Facebook games (because all the rep system is, is a badly implemented Farmville).

The system "works" for starbases as you can pretend things are actually being "built," but for personal reputation the artificiality of the design is extremely obvious -- to the point that you feel as though the developers hate your guts and want to drive you from the game.
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11-20-2012, 11:25 AM
I've already decided that I'm not doing the Romulan rep stuff. So that part of the game is pretty much dead to me.

I'd like to get a Borg Mk XII ground set, but once that is done, that part of the game will probably be dead for me also.

That leaves PvP. Until I can't get a match, I'll be doing that, but not much else.
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11-20-2012, 11:31 AM
Pretty sure I said it before but never elaborated but the rep system for Cryptic and potentially the players can be a good thing. Right now we have no incentive to maintain a sub unlike in Champs as nothing really is affected if you unsub.

The rep system however has promise to allow for far more versatile character creation and even allows the removal of that ridiculous thing called XP which is killed off at VA anyhow.

An example of what I mean:

Tier 0 - rank Ensign/lt - can buy T1 ships

Tier 1 - rank LTC - can buy T2 ships and choose passive from existing eng/sci/tac options (except silver players only able to choose from one path) Access to DOFF system.

Tier 2 - rank Commander - can buy T3 ships and next passive as above

tier 3 - Captain - can buy T4 ships and passive as above

tier 4 - Rear Admiral - can buy T5 ships and passive as above (maybe start access to another rep system starting here upto T1) Access to STF's

tier 5 - VA - access to slipstream drive and unlimited ranks on other reps. Access to Elite STF's.

By doing this the entire rep thing doesnt come as a shock, allows freeform characters of sorts as tier skills would be dependent on passive chosen that tier. The main thing though is to make sure no dilithium requirement is needed as you just cannot earn it easily at low ranks.

Note: progression would be by expertise and possibly mission tokens gained by completion of story arcs. The advantage of this is that missions should be first played in the ship tier it was designed for. At each rank also would be an optional promotion mission which would set your ingame rank as represented by the tier, ie a person could complete the T3 rank to be a captain and not do the rank missions for T4 and T5 so could be at T5 rank but still a captain (as requested by many on the forums).

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