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# 11
11-20-2012, 12:46 PM
Dilithium earning wasn't cut, it was normalized. Many of us had been, for a long time, enjoying exploits to earn it much quicker than the devs intended. And we knew it. All of us knew we were circumventing the intent of the system and just hoped Cryptic would keep looking the other way. Now there are no ways to earn it that are substantially faster than others. Does this slow me down? Sure. Is it unfair? No.

Now, as for how to help, I'm still working on that. For the most part, you can do what you used to do, except now there's no more exploits on B'Tran and Officer Reports.

1. Doffs - Load it up with as many missions as you can that grant more than the base 5. Turn over contraband, send off some colonists, rack up as many of the 50 dilithium assignments as you have available. When you log in the next day, scoop up your 3000-3500 dil. Good start.

2. Lore - Click to win 480 Dil.

3. Do an exploration tour - This is pretty quick, and now that B'Tran isn't especially profitable you can just do it anywhere. No need to worry about Borg slowing you down.

4. Starbase 24 and other FAs - Run Starbase 24 every 30 minutes while you do other stuff. Decent groups can plow through pretty quick. I've only rarely had a group that struggled. Other FAs only if you want and you can actually get a group

5. Eta Eridani trilogy and Deferi trilogy - Get practiced and these don't take long.

6. Events - Mine for dilithium only when the event is active. Then theres the big boy: Academy. Get good at the Academy event. You can pull well over 5k dilithium in an hour out of this. It is your bread and butter, do it whenever it comes up.

7. STFs - Done with all that other stuff? Run some STFs then. I always said using STFs as your primary way to get dilithium was silly. There are so many faster and less frustrating ways to do this (unless you run with a group that you know can do them fast). For the most part, getting dilithium on STFs is a bonus/consolation for the fact that they take an investment of time away from doing actual dilithium granting tasks.

Now, all that said, I do wish there were dilithium rewards on just about everything. Even token ones, 240 dil, something. Just so people don't feel so conflicted whenever they run content that doesn't help them reach their 8k cap.
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# 12
11-20-2012, 12:47 PM
I don't hate S7 since I chose not to participate in it.
I don't hate NOT doing STF's anymore.
I don't hate doing the pre-s7 dilith grind again.
I DO enjoy the extra time I have IRL, by not logging in and playing STO as much as I used to.
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# 13
11-20-2012, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
Dilithium earning wasn't cut, it was normalized.
Cryptic should hire you to write Stahl's blogs for them

Actually, scratch that he's a master of that kind of spin anyway.

Spreading Dilithium rewards out + adding additional sinks = Dilithium earnings cut.
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# 14
11-20-2012, 12:51 PM
Because I'm not going to do what the devs are paid to do: create compelling and fun gameplay. They seem content to duplicate the worst of Chinese and Zynga game design.
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# 15
11-20-2012, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by plox21 View Post
Star Trek online forum is a disaster after season 7...

After the release of season 7 all you can read in the forum is how season 7 is bad and how you strugle to earn dilithium , ec and how hard the STF is.
Why is there no tutorials that will show players how and where to earn ec and dilithium , maybe a new tactic against STF enemy , as well as new builds and what powers are best against them?.
There is soo much posts on this forum against season 7 , we can just rename this STO-forum into I-HATE-SEASON-7-FORUM .
Did you just start playing this game when season 7 launched or after it launched??

Pre-season 7 you could grind out (by grind I mean fast) 8k dilithium in half an hour to an hour no problem, not to mention score a good amount of loot to trade in for dilithium and easily 100k or more ec all in that time and a huge variety of different methods.

Season 7 pretty much takes 3 times as long for 1/4 of the stuff so of course people are going to complain, and that's not even getting into now having a total of 3 systems that require large/huge amounts of resources.

you want ec, 500k fleet creds will net you about 16 mil if you play the common duty officer slave market right, want romulan marks, grind out radiation samples, fleet marks and omega marks check the pve queue, dilithium......hope you got most of the day.

equipment: well since they took all the end game weapons and gear away til you grind 10 hours a game for a few months buy whatever you can find on the exchange til you unlock the rep systems.

New tactics for STFs: yeah don't die.

Tactics for Season 7: win the lottery and buy dilithium, quit your job, divorce your spouse, forget about sleep and GRIND!!!!
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# 16
11-20-2012, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by plox21 View Post
Why is there no tutorials that will show players how and where to earn ec and dilithium , maybe a new tactic against STF enemy , as well as new builds and what powers are best against them?.
because there is no way to have fun making EC, dilithium and marks...
S7 is mainly (or even only) based on the idea that players should repeat a lot lot lot of times the same contents, gain huge amount of fleet mark, romulan mark, omega mark, dilithium and EC, then click a few buttons and waiting 2 days to have some cosmetic features.
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# 17
11-20-2012, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
They seem content to duplicate the worst of Chinese and Zynga game design.
I personally love all the nerfs, pricing scales,and unholy timers...I spend more time now dealing with real life issues, than playing this game.
And the game breaking bugs? AWESOME!!! I love my 102% Completed starbase assignment not clearing out.Leveling up an alt to 50, and having to drop, and reclaim a ship twice before it allowed me to slot boffs.Spawning at a fleet action, and told to leave the map in 10 seconds.Sorry, try again in half an hour.
I have mixed feelings about S-7,but the fact this game is sooo F'd up with bugs right now, and the complete indifference to fixing them is what really has me PO'd.
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# 18
11-20-2012, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by plox21 View Post
Why is there no tutorials that will show players how and where to earn ec and dilithium , maybe a new tactic against STF enemy , as well as new builds and what powers are best against them?.
If you ask me: Because everytime someone does, the next patch, or the patch after that makes sure that tut is useless.

Everytime someone gives a guide to quick and easy Dil, it gets nerfed, reduced or removed.
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# 19
11-20-2012, 01:20 PM
Part of the problem with Season 7 has been the reducing easy ways to get dilithium whilst adding more content that requires it, which creates an in-balance. People accepted the 8K limit whilst able to more easily gain dilithium and the requirements on that dilithium were achievable.

With the exception of the Star-base special projects and upgrades this generally didn't cause a ruckus.

Now it takes longer, and more content requires dilithium which fosters aggravation. The costings of the Omega engines being 80K someone has said? Fleet shields etc are approx 25K that's an achievable figure you could do in 4-7 days even as a casual players.

Fleet weapons 10K 2-4 days. Again some waiting but a finite achievable within a week figure.

Assimilated Console 15K, 10 might have been better but again an achievable figure. Its the swing to long term ie more than a week for a single player that has undermined player satisfaction.

Things like Starbase dilithium sinkholes are a problem for a small fleet. Which many are well under 20 active members. The costs of these just demotivates small groups to even try. Not every fleet has a Zen sugar daddy.

The 2nd part of the frustration is the loss of easily attainable fleet marks and I think two easy fixes here, add 480 dilithium reward to fleet actions, Romulan mark missions. Increase Officer the watch to give 50 fleet marks not just five and add 480 dilithium too. You get 480 for answering a question correctly at starfleet academy after all which takes even less time.

3rdly Add equipment drops across all missions,.

With a level playing field as regards rewards then players really can choose what they want to play. Taking away dilithium to give fleet marks is just creating another fleet mark event. If a consistent reward system was in place this would reintroduce choice whilst avoiding previous problem (ala cryptics view)of exploitable dil sources.

There has been negative posts about all three above and I think I am trying to suggest a reasonable balanced achievable solution to all but the most unreasonable player.

What do the rest of you think? Would the above help or not.

The above problems have overshadowed the new content, the new starbase embassy holdings, the new reputation system. Adding 640 dil for a ground mission to be more attractive is a good idea. If people get playing them then there might be feedback on how to improve ground action etc. This is what we should be talking about.
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# 20
11-20-2012, 01:22 PM

people are greedy

so they project that onto the game

without reading one line , without looking up one item, most fcan play this game , get stuff and pvp

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