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11-20-2012, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by spacebreeder View Post
dont care fr re-runs u cant make dill due poop s7 and changes NO MORE DILL SINK HOLES

unless u drop the cost of them or pick a different curentce u have too much on dill sink holes and not giving enough out u killed stf's with the changes sorry u can poke it

my hole fleet of 300 poeple are NOT doing the embassy due to the fsb costing too much dill as is u realy trying hard to kill this game u turnd it to a 9-5 job and very boring allmost to the point of not playing anymore

and dont mind lock boxes i just trash them along with all the other junk from this game
I think there are two pints worth emphasising.

1/ The special cosmetic projects could be made cheaper. After all a bartender only costs 80k dilithium and that actually does something.

2/ There are alternate currencies/in game commodities used to donate to balance it out.

I beleive Gold pressed latinum has been mentioned as an idea and seems to be a rather forgotten currency.
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11-20-2012, 12:55 PM
I think the main point that people are trying to make is that there are new 3 main player areas being the ship interior, fleet base, and now the embassy. All 3 of these should be customizable otherwise there is no point to them, they become nothing more than ESD or any other station. The limited time projects ARE the only small amount of customizing we have control over because we can pick and chose which ones to do or not to do and therefore make our areas look somewhat different than others.

My fleet went from 15 active members to 2 because they got so fed up with the dilithium sinks and then new ones being added with season 7 that they up and left the game. Most people probably know 1 or 2 people that have left or are very much considering leaving.

Optional or not the outrageous amount of Dilithium costs are crippling small and medium fleets either from trying to keep up with resource demands or people leaving.

Right now just in non-optional projects from the fleet and embassay I need over 350k dilithium. Add in two optionals and a min of 750k that's insane with the lessened amounts you can gain per event and with the 8k cap still in place.

And one last thing, If the average player was only averaging 3300 dilithium per day as stated then why was it necessary to remove the 1 click foundry missions, these were of massive help for the small to medium fleets??

Season season has taken away soooo much and given so little in return.
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11-20-2012, 12:57 PM
Please, stop. Do not destroy STO... This is not STO, it's more like the sims or farmville... I want more action, new missions, more pvp content, there are bugs to resolve...

The funny is over, the game is getting boring... after one day at work, all I want is having fun... not starting a new job to earn 3 kinds of marks, EC, dilithium, duty officers.

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11-20-2012, 01:00 PM
So yeah, hows those 29th century outfits coming along hmmmmmm?
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11-20-2012, 01:00 PM

You... called it "Nanov, Nanov"...

Next project is a Romulan mooch named Mork? XD

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11-20-2012, 01:05 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
If I'm not mistaken, all the Featured projects for the Embassy were completed several weeks ago, if not longer. These were already developed and will come out every-other week until they go into "re-runs" for fleets that didn't have a chance/ want to do a project the first time around. The team is working on the issues you described and will continue to do so, even while developing new content.


Brandon =/\=
I think what my esteemed colleague is trying to point out is that there are several other vanity items we as players have asked for and are willing to pay for (Hairstyles, uniforms, Alien parts, etc) yet we keep on getting stupidly expensive dilithium sinks for starbases of limited utility.
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11-20-2012, 01:12 PM
Yay for another dilithium sink..


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come on guys!

Don't we all need these beautiful enhancements for our wonderfully useful embassies? I know I doooooo!

I am going to buy $300 in Zen then convert it to some dilithium to get this glorious enhancement. Maybe I can just donate some money to PWE and Cryptic too!

My tiny fleet will be able to go in, and watch the .. things.. float around in water..

Oye, I think I've had too much romulan ale.

I wonder how many people get these things? I mean, they keep crappin them out from a couple hours of work a month. I wonder if the designers of this stuff are upset that their work is being attacked because of the price tag set on it.

If it was 20k Sure, maybe even 50k, but 200K is craziness.. especially considering how much the market is in the trash bin at the moment.
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11-20-2012, 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
Optional or not the outrageous amount of Dilithium costs are crippling small and medium fleets either from trying to keep up with resource demands or people leaving.
Its crippling ours. We started off at 100 people, and where slowly growing, and I put allot of stuff into that starbase. I know there's a few otehrs who put jsut as much. but Our fleet leader has been bankrupting all his toons to try and keep the Dil supply up, and he's getting pissed. We've lost a few others as well. I would not claim that 100 Members is a small fleet.

I checked all our starbase upgrades today, each and every one needs 200K Dil. So that's 1mill dil needed to advance, and thats not even looking at the Embassay.

I have 400 fleet marks sitting there, there's several other fleet members in the same boat. Never going to be able to buy anything with it, as we can't afford to upgrade the damn starbase due to the unobtainable ammount of Dil needed.

And that's on the Klingon side! So I hate to think what the poor feds are suffering.

The irony is I was looking at buying some Zen the other day but this (and the KDF thing) put me off. So I'm hording my miniscule ammount of Dil to buy Zen instead, which adds to the drain...
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11-20-2012, 01:59 PM
Season 7 is destorying small fleet please stop devs

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