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Originally Posted by danqueller View Post
Sorry to hear the OP feels New Romulus is finished for them. It looks like just the beginning to me.
I was kinda looking forward to New Romulus, it has so much potential and I would stick around if I actually felt like I was contributing to something, the artwork is brilliant and I am very impressed with the amount of thought and work that evidently went into it. I just feel it a shame that most of it's potential and attraction is left out, even if it was a minor change to the map unlocked every time you finished a job there, I know that's likely out of the question for valid reasons, or every week something finishes construction (perhaps have a player vote on it) just something to make it feel more like you are actually contributing to something rather than running around doing repeatable tasks.

That said however, I will reiterate my praise and appreciation for a job well done (something I know with season 7 is in short supply) and I very much look forward to the next adventure zone(s) and hope these have progressing story lines and visuals that reflect this
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Originally Posted by tehjonel View Post
Check the Warehouse, east of the shuttle landing pad in the Staging Area.

Tip: While inside, look for data consoles containing Romulan Research.
I did scan those, but have no clue what that accomplished..
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